Some claim that e-books have changed us readers, and yet we still enjoy holding a traditional print in our hands. We still collect books in their basic form, and we still have not enough space to store them. So, how about a personalized bookcase with just as many shelves as we actually need? Let’s take a closer look.

Book furniture for a small apartment

The problem is vivid, especially in big cities. London, for example, or New York is a particularly inconvenient place for a bookworm. Why? Because apartments are so small there. It is actually a serious matter. Not enough room for personal items significantly lowers the quality of life beyond work. A customizable bookcase can be a neat solution.

You see, designing your own bookcase is the best way of optimizing available space. Every book enthusiast can measure how much room he/she actually has, and use 100% of it for ideal storage units. Therefore, customized furniture provides an exceptionally comfortable means for keeping books and other objects.

Open bookcase with shelves and units

Using an online customizer, we can arrange bookcases just as we want them. We can choose whether to have all the shelves open or perhaps create a chessboard effect, which can be quite interesting to a Queen’s Gambit fan. Other readers might prefer something less obvious, like a big drawer on the bottom with a set of long vertical shelves above. Personal taste, needs, and available space are the only things that matter. The rest is just a simple realization of individual requirements.

A dark wood classic or maybe a modern touch?

The customization process also includes colors. That means we can tune our new bookcase perfectly. It will match its surroundings more naturally. A modern interior or a rustic one… it is really not that important. What is important, however, is the feeling of absolute control. Normally, when we go to a stationary furniture store, we have a painfully limited choice. Not that long time ago, we had to restrict ourselves to it. But thanks to the internet, all is changed. Now the freedom of choice is greater than ever before. All we have to do is to precise our composition and voilĂ !

A custom-built bookcase should be a perfect solution for every book collector. Today, a simple online customizer allows the ideal tuning of furniture without leaving a home at all. Not even a phone call is required. Sounds really convenient, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.