In the logistics business, linehaul transportation is beneficial for many companies to utilize. It is all about moving products from one spot to another – but what is linehaul transport and what does it involve?

What is it?

Linehaul transportation is moving goods from one spot to another through different modes of transport across various cities, from one set spot to another. This can be from warehouse to truck to airplane to ship. It generally involves the use of a depot and the consolidation of goods at a sorting factory. It also means the transport has defined departure and arrival times.

What are the benefits of linehaul?

One of the biggest positives of linehaul transportation is the reduced trucking costs, making it more readily available to smaller businesses (although big businesses use it too of course). 

Another strong benefit of using linehaul services is that because it is part of a larger picture with more people involved, it has to have set departure and arrival times, making it extremely easy to track digitally. The deliveries are generally faster, and the trucks don’t have to wait until they are filled before they leave.

Linehaul is also often appealing to trucking employees as they can work set times, such as 9 to 5, instead of long haul which involves long periods away from home. 

Where and how can you get linehaul services?

One of the leading and most trusted trucking companies that have linehaul services is DSE Transport. They have a huge fleet of trucks from flatbeds for large awkward deliveries, to protective taut-liners, and have professionals on hand to help you organize everything. They have been operating for 30 years and if you want to find out more, you can contact them on their new website here


Logistics is a complex business involving the management of tricky supply chains. There are so many different ways to transport products, goods, and equipment, it can be overwhelming to consider. But linehaul transportation is an effective, measurable, and cheaper way to transport whatever you need between two different points.

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