You’ve got your eye on a set of killer coilovers to slam your ride, but do you have the right tools for the job? Any tuner worth their salt knows that installing coilovers requires more than just a basic socket set. To get those adjustable dampers dialed in just right, you need a coilover wrench.

A coilover wrench is specially designed to give you the leverage and precision needed for coilover installation and adjustment. Forget trying to fumble around with open-ended wrenches or pliers—a coilover wrench will make quick work of removing your stock suspension and installing your new Coilover. When it comes time to adjust the ride height and dampening, a coilover wrench is the only tool that will allow you to make precise changes with confidence.

If you’re ready to take your tuner status to the next level with an aggressive drop and performance handling, a coilover wrench is the essential tool you need in your garage. For the cost of a tank of gas, you can transform how you work on your suspension—and your coilover wrench will prove it’s worth many times over with every installation and tweaking session. Make this small investment in your hobby today, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this must-have tool for tuners.

What Is a Coilover Wrench?

A coilover wrench is a specialty tool that’s essential for anyone who wants to lower or raise their vehicle’s suspension. This adjustable wrench allows you to loosen the locking nut on your coilovers so you can adjust the height.

Coilovers are shock absorbers that replace your stock suspension. They let you customize your ride height for the stance you want. To adjust coilovers, you need a coilover wrench – a normal wrench typically won’t cut it. These wrenches come in different sizes to fit the most popular coilovers.

To adjust your Coilover:

  1. Jack up your vehicle and support it with jack stands for safety.
  2. Locate the adjuster nut at the top of your coilover. This is the nut the coilover wrench fits over.
  3. Slide the coilover wrench over the adjuster nut.
  4. Turn the wrench clockwise to raise the suspension or counter-clockwise to lower it.
  5. Check your vehicle’s stance and make sure it’s even on both sides. Adjust as needed.
  6. Tighten the adjuster nut to lock the coilover at your desired height.

A coilover wrench gives you complete control over how your vehicle sits. Every tuner should have one in their toolbox to get the perfect stance and performance from their coilovers. With some patience and the right technique, you’ll be turning heads in no time!

Why You Need a Coilover Wrench for Your Vehicle

Any tuner knows coilover suspensions are the key to dialing in your ride height and handling. But to adjust those coilovers, you’ll need a coilover wrench. Here’s why this specialized tool is essential for your garage.

Coilover wrenches, also called spanner or crescent wrenches, are designed specifically for adjusting coilovers. Regular wrenches won’t grip the adjustment rings properly and can strip or damage them. A coilover wrench ensures you can freely adjust your coilovers without issue.

With a coilover wrench, tuning your suspension is a breeze. Lowering your ride height

  • Loosen the lock ring at the top of the coilover, then turn the adjustment ring to lower the spring perch.
  • Once you’ve achieved your desired drop, hand-tighten the lock ring to lock the setting in place.

Stiffening up the springs

  • To increase spring stiffness and improve handling, turn the adjustment ring clockwise. Each turn represents a small increase in spring rate.
  • Be sure to adjust each coilover equally to maintain an even stance.

Whether you’re slammed to the ground or tightened up for the track, a coilover wrench is vital for modifying your suspension. For the cost, it’s really a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you want total control over how your vehicle sits and handles? Pick up a coilover wrench and start dialing in your perfect setup.

The Best Coilover Wrenches on the Market

When it comes to tuning your coilover suspension, the right tools can make a big difference. A dedicated coilover wrench is essential for adjusting the perch and collar on your best coilovers. These specialized wrenches grip the flats on the perch and collar so you can make precise adjustments to your ride height and spring preload.

The Basic Coilover Wrench

A standard coilover wrench typically has two open ends, one for the perch and one for the collar. Popular, affordable options include wrenches from Megan Racing, BC Racing, and Fortune Auto. These get the job done for most coilover applications and are very budget-friendly.

Adjustable and Extendable Wrenches

For added versatility, consider an adjustable coilover wrench-like offering from Megan Racing or Fortune Auto. These have an adjustable end so they can fit a range of perch and collar sizes. Extendable coilover wrenches, like the wrench from BC Racing, feature extendable handles for extra leverage so you can apply more torque when making adjustments.

Premium Wrenches

If you want the best of the best, check out coilover wrenches from high-end brands like KW Suspensions, Öhlins, and Bilstein. These are machined to very tight tolerances and are designed to fit their coilover systems perfectly. They’re more expensive, but for the dedicated tuner, they’re worth the investment.

In the end, the most important thing is to use a tool specifically designed for adjusting your Coilover perches and collars. A standard wrench or pliers can damage the components and won’t provide the precision or control of a proper coilover wrench. For most applications, an affordable standard or adjustable coilover wrench will work great. But for the ultimate tuning experience, a premium wrench from your coilover brand is the way to go.


So there you have it. The coilover wrench is an essential tool that belongs in every tuner’s garage. For a relatively small investment, it gives you a huge amount of flexibility and control when adjusting your suspension. No more wrestling with mismatched open-end wrenches or channel locks and hoping you don’t round off the adjustment collar. A quality coilover wrench is purpose-built for the job and makes quick work of dialing in your ride height and damping. Whether you’re slammed static low or chasing those last few milliseconds on the track, a coilover wrench is a must-have. So do yourself and your coilovers a favor and pick one up – your knuckles and frustration level will thank you! For getting discount please visit this link:

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