The 1920s men’s Fashion was like one giant party after the bummer of World War I. People were tired of drab and boring clothes, so they ditched the stuffy suits and bowler hats for something a little more fun. Let’s take a trip back and see what these dapper dudes were rocking. 

1. Suits: From Boxy to Brawny

Imagine your grandpa’s old suit – all baggy and uncomfortable. That was the style before the 1920s men’s Fashion. Now, picture Ryan Reynolds in a sharp suit that shows off his muscles. That’s more like it. Suits became lighter and more fitted, with wider lapels that got flashier as the decade progressed.  They were made from wool tweed and other materials that were lighter than before but still kept you toasty.

These suits were like the ultimate uniform –  work, parties, even a night out dancing the Charleston (the 20s version of the floss, but way cooler). The only guys who didn’t wear suits were workmen in overalls and athletes in their, well, athlete clothes. Even if a guy could only afford a second-hand suit, he’d wear it with pride. After all, looking good was half the fun.

2. Sharp Threads, Sharper Details

A suit is like a blank canvas – it needs some pizazz to make it pop. Here’s what these fellas added:

  1. Shirts: Striped shirts with detachable white collars were the classic choice. Think of them as the dress shirts of the era. But some guys liked colored shirts or even plaids, especially for work.
  2. Ties: Bow ties were on the decline, replaced by narrower ties with stripes or geometric patterns. Bow ties did make a comeback for fancy occasions though, because who doesn’t love looking like a magician?
  3. Hats: Hats were a must-have accessory for 1920s men’s Fashion, kind of like sunglasses today. Derby hats were classy, fedoras were super versatile (think Indiana Jones.), boaters and Panamas were perfect for summer heat, and newsboy caps added a touch of casualness. There was a hat for every mood.
  4. Shoes: Cap-toe oxfords were the dress shoe of choice, sleek and timeless. Guys who wanted to stand out went for two-tone golf oxfords. Lace-up boots were great for work or if you were planning on exploring the wilderness (or maybe just chasing flappers around town). And with the rise of sports, sneakers became a thing for leisure wear.
  5. Accessories: This is where guys could show off their personalities. Pocket watches (or the newfangled wristwatches) kept them on time. Collar pins added some elegance, while armbands, gloves, scarves, and spats (fancy shoe covers) gave an extra pop. Don’t forget the cufflinks – tiny little details that made a big difference in 1920s Mens Fashion.

Beyond the Suit: When Comfort Met Cool

Suits were awesome, but there were times when you just wanted to relax. Here’s what guys wore for kicking back or getting down to work:

1. Pants and Breeches:

Long pants with straight or slightly tapered legs were the new norm. Working guys rocked overalls for practicality, while golfers opted for comfy knickers.

2. Sweaters:

Knitwear became super popular. Pullovers, cardigans, and sweater vests kept you warm and looked stylish too. The comfy clothes of today were born in the 1920s men’s Fashion.

3. Vests:

Vests were like the chameleons of clothing. Worn over a shirt, they dressed things up. Worn alone, they were perfect for a casual day out.

How to style 

Here’s how to incorporate a touch of that vintage flair into your wardrobe today:

1. Suits Up (But Not Too Tight):

A well-tailored suit is still a winner. Look for a slim fit that flatters your body type, but avoid anything too constricting. Opt for classic patterns like herringbone or pinstripes, or go bolder with a windowpane check for a fashion-forward twist.

2. Mix and Match:

Don’t feel like wearing a full suit? Channel your inner Gatsby with a sharp pair of dress pants and a crisp dress shirt. Elevate the look with a knitted vest or a statement tie.

3. Accessorize Like a Gentleman:

The right accessories can take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.  A fedora adds instant 1920s men’s Fashion charm, while a pocket watch or a vintage-inspired wristwatch injects a touch of sophistication. Don’t forget a pair of polished Oxford shoes to complete the look.


The 1920s Mens Fashion was a time when men’s fashion broke free from the mold. It was a decade of fun, celebration, and looking darn good while doing it. So next time you’re putting together an outfit, take a page out of the 1920s playbook and add a touch of that roaring style.

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