In the final quarter of 2021, the luxury watch sales market rose by at least $20 billion. This number could be even higher when results get published in Q4 of 2023. The verdict is clear, if you’re a man who values style, you need to consider buying a watch. But one thing that many fashion-conscious men don’t consider is the watch straps.

But it’s not just the style of the strap but the material of the watch strap to consider.

Here’s what you need to know.

Leather Watch Straps

This is the classic type of watch strap that goes with all types of watches. However, the leather straps are especially great if you’re wearing a timepiece with a gold watch face.

A good example is the Aries Gold model, which looks fantastic with leather watch straps. With this type of watch strap, you want it to be subtle so that there’s more focus on the watch’s face.

Nylon Watch Straps

If you value comfort above all, then you want to opt for nylon watch straps. These are great for wearing for several hours each day. As for style, they work best with minimalist watch designs.

If you have an intricate watch face, then you want to skip these types of watch straps. But if you like to keep it simple, then this is the perfect option. Make sure the color doesn’t contrast sharply with the color of the watch’s face.

Metal Watch Straps

This is a great type of watch strap if you value durability. This is the strongest type of watch strap and is ideal if you find yourself in harsh weather conditions.

If you’re not the type who wants to go through the hassle of maintaining your watch, then this is the ideal watch strap for you. Metal watch straps also tend to last longer.

You should always choose a metal strap that’s the same color as your watch face. While this rule isn’t always followed, it’s not a sign of class if you try to stand out too much with metal watch straps.

Silicone Watch Straps

This watch strap looks just like a metal watch strap but with the added bonus of being water resistant.

If you’re in a rainy area or you prefer not to remove your watch while in the pool, then this is the option for you. It’s also a lot more comfortable than wearing a metal watch strap.

It’s not the most durable option, however, so make sure you maintain it well.

Choose Your Watch Straps

Now you can choose the watch straps that work best for your needs and personal preference.

Leather watch straps are the classic option and look great if you want to sport a gold watch. You will need to work hard to care for a leather watch strap, however.

Nylon is the most comfortable option but isn’t durable. Metal is the most durable option and is just as stylish as leather. Silicone is a more comfortable version of metal though not as durable.

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