Thailand is a great country to live in and a great place to do business! The economy is on the go, and Thai shoppers always love to try new products. In other words, it’s the perfect venue to start up a new retail shop! You have products to sell that you are excited about and want to make available for everyone to purchase, and it’s always been your dream to open up a small shop (start small- think big!), so why not go for it? This is the perfect time and place to make it happen.

The importance of a web presence

I can’t stress enough how critical it is for any new venture to have a highly visible presence on the world wide web. Think of it as a big, bright neon sign hanging over your storefront that happens to be viewable to millions of potential customers just about anywhere they are- at work or play, people these days are connected, and that’s how they’re going to find you!

For example, there are forty-five million Facebook users in Thailand, so your new shop must have an active presence on what is arguably the best-known social media site in the world. To ensure users find you, we recommend you attain the services of a reliable Facebook ad agency, they will have everything you need to get the word out for you. They can also help you with your website and online sales options so that your shop will be much larger than just its brick-and-mortar home!

Location, location, location!

There is definitely something to that old saying, placing your shop in just the right area is crucial for its success. There are many, many options available in Thailand, from classic old-time markets to flashy new malls, people love to go shopping and you need to be right where the action is. Some important things to take into account are the availability of parking and public transportation, as well as ease of access from the street or mall floor. You want to be sure your customers can get to your door with safety and comfort!

Setting up your retail shop for optimum success

Now that you have the spot, it’s time to set up shop! First off, you need to have an attractive storefront to entice customers in. Pick colors, materials, and motifs that are eye-catching and evocative of your shop’s unique products. A prominent and written sign out front is a must-have, go bold! For detailed advice on interiors, check here for some excellent design tips.

As always, when starting a new business it’s vitally important to be by local laws and licensing. Thailand is very pro-business, so make sure to visit the government’s official trade website for help and guidance to ensure your shop’s success! Now, get ready to open those doors and roll out the red carpet, you are open for business!