The activities that go into long-haul freight transportation are known as linehaul logistics. Think about your morning latte — there’s a great deal of transport logistics that have gone into carrying the coffee beans, milk, and so on. Here’s why linehaul logistics are essential to modern supply chains.

What are linehaul logistics?

Linehaul is moving goods from one place to another. It could be a port, warehouse, or business — over a medium-to-long distance, in larger vehicles like trucks. Also, Linehaul is different from frequent, local deliveries in small vehicles. Linehaul logistics are all the steps that support transportation, from the route and schedule to making connections between producers and suppliers. And the complexities of pick-up and drop-off points. 

The rise of e-commerce

With the rapid increase of e-commerce businesses, and the sheer number of deliveries, the movement of goods. And the intricate logistics supporting them, are critical to our economy. Each year, there are billions of deliveries across Australia carried safely by various modes of transport.

Top-notch Aussie transport companies such as DSE Transport offer numerous vehicle types from vans to semi-trailers — DSE boasts over 250 vehicles nationwide

The difference between linehaul and long-haul

These two terms are similar and often get confused, but there are some important and subtle differences. While linehaul is usually a shorter distance, long haul can stretch over multiple days and nights. Linehaul operations usually involve fixed pick-up and drop-off stations, while long-haul transport is often more flexible and irregular. 

How to optimize linehaul logistics

With increasing pressure on businesses to achieve lightning-speed delivery times, efficient logistics are vital. Many logistics businesses rely on transport management systems to assist them oversee the complex movement of physical goods from point A to point B. These systems can help decide on the best routes to take, cost-effective transport options, and how to minimize costs across the entire journey.

Linehaul logistics: Bottom-line
Linehaul logistics focus on shifting large quantities of goods efficiently from one location to another. With the increasing demand for online shopping and pressure to achieve fast delivery times, efficient linehaul logistics have become more important than ever before.

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