Quardle is a game based on Wordle, but it’s four times harder than the original, hence the name. The only catch is that you have to guess all of the words at once. Otherwise, all the basic game principles are intact. Only nine attempts are available for all of this. 

Worldle rose to prominence at the start of the year. You must correctly guess a five-letter word in the game in under six tries. But as players gained experience and demanded a harder game, Quadrdel was developed.

For more information about this game, read this article. How to play, what the guidelines are and some advice you may use to become an expert at the game will be discussed.

What is Quardle Wordle game?

The worldwide phenomenon of Wordle has a variation called Quardle. The original game was very popular, and there are many different versions of it. There is a version called Quardle that amps up the difficulty. The fundamental game rules are still there in this variation. 

What are the rules of the game? 

The rules of this game are different from the original in that you only get nine trials and must predict not just one word, but four words simultaneously. You can receive some tips when the form changes color after each input.

You must enter an actual letter that you believe will be there in order to go there. That keyword can simultaneously emerge in each of the game’s four segments. After each guess, the color of the characters will shift. 

  • Yellow: Although the letters are present in the word sequence, it is not exactly where they should be.
  • Gray: The letter appears nowhere in the target word.
  • Green: This character is present and placed correctly inside the phrase.

You must have realized after reading this that the objective of this game is to turn all the letters green.

Discover all the words in the concealed phrases below: Accept the hints to decipher the four words. When a character is accurately predicted and located, it’s going to be indicated in green. And when a character is present in the term but incorrectly located, it will appear highlighted in yellow. When a character is absent from the phrase, it’s going to be indicated in gray.

Therefore, in order to win Quardle, you must correctly guess the word in each round.

How to win the Quardle game?

You will have to guess four new words every day. Since most words will contain at least one vowel, the best approach to take in every game is to aim to cover the vowels first. Then, try focusing on the consonants, but just utilize the most widely used ones, such as S, R, T, and M.

Once you do that, it is evident that you have tried twice. Therefore, the best course of action is to guess the following letter using the proper letters before making random guesses. It could be challenging at first, but with daily practice, it will get simpler and simpler. Finding the following letter becomes simpler the quicker you think of one. This contributes to the game’s increased addictiveness.


It’s now time to put your knowledge to the test after reading the entire guide and learning everything there is to know about Quardle. You may guess a new word every day, so give it a shot.

However, you can use their practice mode until you feel confident if you still have questions about how the game functions.

It is always entertaining to play these games with your friends or family after you have properly guessed the word. You can publish the results on social media after you have done so. Consider telling others about this post so they can gain the same knowledge you have about the game.

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