While dealing with hectic office days, we every so often make mistakes during peak hours, particularly with customer inquiries. Almost 40% of the front desk positions in the banking sector are outsourced. More than your actual product, the way you deal with customers is crucial. According to research, about 88% of customers are willing to pay more for good customer service than they are for the product itself. It’s not as simple as it sounds. You must be extremely professionally toned, with a thorough understanding of the customer’s problem and its solution. Why not look for a trustworthy inbound call center partner? If you are looking for an inbound call center outsourcing partner, move on to the next step by continuing to read this article. 

When you decide to shop, you begin by browsing various websites, seeking referrals, and reading through different packages. These are all typical, everybody does this. Professionals, on the other hand, go the extra mile. Finding a suitable and trustworthy business partner is undeniably daunting. Because it is not that simple to assume that if our competitor seems to be using XYZ’s services, it must also be appropriate for you. It is entirely dependent on your requirements, scope, and business, as a single shoe does not fit all. 

Tips to keep in Your Glovebox:

Would you like to know exactly what these tips are? Before diving into the company contracting phase, here are a few pointers.

Legal Verifications:

If you decide to outsource or offshore overseas (that can save you a substantial amount of cost), it may not always be feasible to physically inspect the office and team. You must ensure that your outsourcing partner exists and operates legally, in addition to that they follow all laws of their locality.

Equipment Check:

Before attempting to contact or enter into a contract, make absolutely sure to perform a thorough equipment check. Verify that they are not really a conventional call center with a century of experience, as some old business owners seem to be resistant to change. While experience is necessary, Positive change is also mandatory so that obsolete technologies should be avoided.

Hiring process: 

The hiring process of call center agents, which the majority of us overlook, really does have a direct impact on the quality of the call center. Employees who undergo a stringent process will be well-trained and have a positive experience. Make sure to touch base on the process of recruiting and hiring. You can also inquire about their hiring, training, and workforce management culture. After all, a healthy and happy mind would come up with novel ideas.

Customer Feedback: 

Look for a call center partner who can provide you with data that can be turned into valuable insights, so you can take a glance at where your customers are having issues so that you can improve your product. It will not only facilitate you in improving your product, but it will also help you in analyzing the team’s performance so that you can reconsider your decision in a quarter or so if the team does not perform well. It will also help you in proactive decision-making with a speedy resolution of the problem. 

Check Clientele Base:

You need to track down the shortlisted company’s previous reputation. Case studies and client testimonials can help you get a better idea. This will be easily accessible via their website. Inquire about their relevant industry experience as well. If it is possible for you, you can check or try to contact former clients through their website testimonials. This will provide you with an accurate picture of their reputation.

Security Measure:

Do not hesitate to ask questions about how they are taking data security measures. Ask for the strategy and how they can ensure security breach resistance. Also, check firewalls and see if they have weekly, monthly or quarterly audits. Because security will be the first concern of the majority of your customers. 


Most of the companies go for outsourcing just to reduce the cost, but the percentage has now risen up to 70%. The cost-quality matrix is also essential. Make sure that the cost is less than having to hire homegrown talent while maintaining expert quality. 


Using the right set of tips is necessary to reap the maximum benefits of outsourcing. At IdeasUnlimited, our outbound call center solution gains good exposure due to which we have good know-how as we have honed to be in a multitude of various industries for more than 12 years now—be it real estate, Healthcare, eCommerce, IT, etc. We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions then please share your feedback in the comments below. For further assistance, you can contact us by heading over to our website or writing to us at: sales@ideasunlimitedonline.com.