Im feeling curious Is one of the most well-known Easter eggs found on Google, and it may keep you occupied for hours when you’re bored. Whenever you look for it, Google displays arbitrary facts that are typically taken from fresh websites like Wikipedia. However, there is no cap on how many times you can do it, and each time, Google will provide fresh information.

Google is renowned for hiding the best Easter eggs on their web pages, such as the Pacman game or the barrel roll in the search results. But this Easter egg is just as amusing as it is educational. 

As a result, we’ll explain everything about this Easter egg in this article, including what it is, how to do it, how many times you can do it, and our thoughts on it.

What is Im feeling curious?

What it accomplishes is obvious from the name, which states that it wants to inform those who are intrigued by unusual things or I am feeling curious. You can utilize this Easter egg to quickly learn intriguing things to impress your family or friends. 

However, because you will always learn something new, it might become quite addictive, leading you to repeatedly press the button. In spite of this, pressing this button will teach you something new, so it’s not a bad addiction. You must be wondering how to go about doing it, therefore, we will explain how to do it in the following few lines so you can try it out for yourself.

How to check this easter egg? 

The steps for checking this Easter egg are so simple that even a child can do them:

  1. Open a browser, preferably google chrome on a device of your choice. As most devices support chrome. However, you can do it with any browser such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, etc.
  1. Go to the address bar and search for in other browsers except for chrome. As in chrome, your default search engine is itself. If you are using google as your default search engine then you can directly search for it.
  2. Next, you need to search Im feeling curious. Before the search results, you will see a window where google is showing a random fact. 
  3. From there you can click on ask another question for a new random fact or you may read more about the fact by clicking on the link below. 
  4. All facts are not educational some of them can be entertaining as well. Occasionally you may even find a new easter egg using this easter egg. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, we’re sure you’re anxious to do so, and even if you have after reading this post, you might want to give it another shot. However, the Google search engine has a number of other Easter eggs. We’d like to provide a few more recommendations before you leave so you can try them all at once. Read a couple of the most popular ones from the available selection.

Which Google Easter eggs are the best?

We will just mention some of the best Easter eggs in no particular order, and you can decide which one you like the best. 

1. Anti-Gravity Google:

There is no gravity, therefore all of Google’s menus have fallen to the bottom of the screen. This is a highly amusing Easter egg that you may attempt, and you can be sure that other people will be astonished at first. 

2. Google Underwater:

The search engine appears to be underwater, as you surely have already figured. A picture of the ocean’s surface shows fish moving about. This is applicable to both first-time viewers and people who already saw it. It gives a fun look to the search engine.

3. Pacman:

Since you can interact with it a lot more than other Easter eggs, it is our favorite on the list. All you need to do in this Easter egg is look for Pacman. In a layout that spells out Google, you can begin playing the classic video game. In honor of Pacman’s 30th birthday, this easter egg was added.

4. Google Sphere:

The Google menu in this Easter egg has the shape of a sphere, therefore the name. It appears to be a lot of fun and almost like a planet. It may not be as informative as Im feeing curious. It’s still a cool easter egg. 

5. Do a Barrel Roll:

The reason this is the most common method is that it is the simplest to execute using the search engine itself, and you might not even need to visit a website to attempt it. You only need to type a barrel roll. In fact, the search results perform a barrel roll.

6. Friends Easter Egg:

Perhaps only the show’s fans will find this interesting. Even if you haven’t watched the series yet, I’ll still be on the list because it’s still really awesome. You must perform a character name search to view the Easter egg, and each character displays a different animation.

7. Batman:

The greatest is saved for last since we know you’ll like this Easter egg. Who doesn’t love Batman? He is widely regarded as the world’s favorite superhero. For this renowned figure, Google also created a really cool Easter egg. Just perform a Google search for Batman to find the Easter egg. The recognizable bat signal can be seen on the right side, just next to the word Batman. Even the sound effect is included. Batman flies across the screen in a zipline, from left to right.


So, having read this article, we hope you learned what is im feeling curious about and also something new and is now excited to put it to use for yourself. Considering how curious you are about how we will end this article, if you have made it this far, we are confident that these Easter eggs are for you. To learn a new fact or try out some of the other Easter eggs we listed and always stay curious.