Are you looking for something? Google is the only name that comes to mind when we search for something. Google is known not only for finding something but also well known for Google Doodle Games. Those games are just awesome. And also Google is very attractive due to its changing home page every day with celebrating particular things. Google celebrated Pacman 30th Anniversary which is really famous and interesting game for all. On Pacman 30th Anniversary launched their new version of this game. 

In this content, you can know about Pacman and its 30th birthday celebration.

All About Pacman:

It is a video game played by mainly children and youngsters. An icon where we see Pacman’s “C” as a full-sized pizza with its one slice missing, is a famous icon as well as a wonderful icon. The piece that is missing tells us to first enjoy our bit then do all the doings. Also, this icon looked like the first spelling of Google’s name. In this game, we can see more characters who are ghosts of Pacman. They are Clyde, Inky, Pinky, and Blinky. Like we used to play games for entertaining ourselves. It can be for only 2 minutes but that joy can remain for a lifetime.

Pacman’s History:

Pacman was created by a Japanese named Toru Iwatani. Later it was developed by Namco and Bandai Namco Studios. First, it was a Maze game i.e. the player has to clear the maze. Its aim was to engulf all the white dots called “Power Pellets”. The game was first launched in the year 1980, and after that, it never had to turn its back. It made a record in these years and is still going smoothly. Its name is edited every time an upgraded version is launched in the market. Though it was a Japanese game it could make its mark in many places worldwide.

Pacman 30th Anniversary-Happy Birthday Pacman:

A Japanese company named Namco created this classic and tremendously Pacman game in May 1980. When Namco create this game, their aim was that it could be played and enjoyed by as many as people like children, youngsters, and aged people also. Now since we can see its popularity increase day by day. It is the best popular peristyle game ever made. Google celebrates its birthday for its new version, which was launched in 2010. For Pacman 30th anniversary, we are presenting Pacman fun facts that you may not have any idea about.

How to Play Pacman?

Playing this game is very easy for all if even you are a beginner. Let’s see how to play this game. The main aim of this game is to move the Pacman icon around the screen or maze to eat the dots. Basically in that game have 244 dots, consume each dot you get 10 points. And there are also four big flashing dots, if you eat you get 50 points each. But for consuming dots around the whole screen, players need to change the direction of the Pacman character.

There are four more characters or you can call ghosts. Ther are Clyde(orange), Pinky(pink), Inky(light blue) and Blinky(red). Those ghosts’ goal is they attack and tied up Pacman to reach its goal. You will be surprised that each ghost has its own attack methods. So, for Pacman lovers, you must revisit it on Pacman 30th Anniversary

Special Celebration of Pacman 30th Anniversary:

Not only Google is celebrating Pacman’s birthday. Even the Museum of Computing in Swindon is also celebrating Pacman’s birthday but in a unique way. Their attractive and unique event is “Human Pacman”. In that event, the public was able to play this game. And also Google Pacman celebrated its birthday through retro machines. To celebrate Pacman 30th Anniversary, we can see the new version of this game. In this version, I added a whole chapter called “ Ghost Town”. After that, the game is more interactive and stunning for players.

How to play Pacman on the 30th Anniversary?

Pacman 30th Anniversary is more attractive for players who have passion and love to play games online. Google Doodle added a new version for PC lovers. So, from here you know how to download and play this game through PC and Google Maps.

Steps To Download And Play On PC:

  1. Go to and then click on “Download BlueStacks” latest version.
  2. After download installs it on your PC.
  3. From the search bar option search for Pacman.
  4. After finding Pacman, just click to install Pacman.
  5. Then complete all sign-in processes and install the game.
  6. After the installation is done, tap the Pacman icon on the home screen for playing this game.

Play On Google Maps:

Google is always surprising us by launching new fun-loving facts. So, using Google Maps you can play Pacman. It was launched on 1st April 2017.

  1. Go to, then you can see the Pacman icon at the bottom left of the Google Maps.
  2. After that, you can choose the city which you want.
  3. Then click on the Pacman icon to start playing and Google will take you to an area with many roads.

Unknown Facts about Pacman 30th Anniversary:

  1. Panman’s original Japanese name is Puckman, which comes from the Japanese work “Paku”. 
  2. In the updated version you can see Pacman can consume fruits, flashing dots.
  3. Those four ghosts come with more power.
  4. After crossing the 255 level, the actual difficulty level starts.
  5. Using power pallets you can eat ghosts with a time limit. And also you can reach your goal.


 Pacman’s popularity has also increased slowly and people’s power has surely made a great impact on its success. Though it was a Japanese game it could make its mark in many places worldwide. If you like drawing then you must try doodling on walls using Panman themes and this will be incredible. On Pacman’s 30th birthday, Google remind us that Pacman is the most well-known and played online game. Pacman developers made us very happy with amazing versions. As a result, it is still famous even after 30 years. 


1. How many levels in Pacman?

Ans: Still now Pacman has 256 levels. But this 256 level is very difficult.

2. What is the high score still now?

Ans: The highest score is 3,333,360, it is achieved by only one person named Billy Mitchel. Still, now no one can break this record.

3. What are the fruits available in this game?

Ans: Cherry, Apple, Strawberry, Orange, Melon, etc are available in this game.

4. Why Pacman is very popular in the world?

Ans: Pacman is very popular for its age. In 2022, its age is 42 years. It is also easy to play and many peoples play it for many years. This game is very interesting and attractive look-wise.

5. Is it still possible to play Pacman 30th Anniversary on Google Maps 2021?

Ans: Yes, still now you can play on Google Maps 2021.