With its rapid growth and evolution, Instagram has become one of the most commonly used platforms in recent years. The visual space is becoming increasingly popular with brands for marketing and promoting their products. For this reason, you can prioritize Instagram among all other social networking sites. 

Many business owners are doubtful about using this platform for their promotion. But this will give you unexpected fruitful results. You can just start to post and expect results randomly.

Moreover, such people can employ the free instagram likes trial to make your post reach globally. Suppose you have recently created a profile account. In that case, you may get lost in the great number of Instagram users so that you can publicize your Instagram account to make it easily discoverable. 

Why Do You Need to Promote Your Account?

If you are using a business account, you will know the need to promote the Instagram account. Besides promoting, Instagram provides opportunities to get exposure, reach, and directly connect with your audience. So it is essential to advertise your Instagram profile for free or paid.

Before beginning, you have to make sure that you have a business profile, a public account, and a perfect bio for your Instagram account. 

  • Have an Instagram Business Account: A business profile will help attract more people to your page. Also, have a separate profile for your personal use, and do not mingle them with each other. 
  • Profile Completion: Being a visual platform, an incomplete profile will have an unattractive impression of your profile. So have a full packed content in your bio and express it impactfully. If you are doing business, you can add your website link in your profile bio. 
  • Express Yourself: You cannot advertise your profile and drive more followers if you remain hidden. So ensure that your profile is in public mode. If you use a private account, only people who follow you will be able to see your profile feeds. 

Six functional Ways to Promote Your Account:

So far, we have discussed the prior requirements to promote your profile account. Now, it is time to discuss practical ways to promote your account to earn and gain more followers. 

1. Instagram Nametag:

The Nametag feature on Instagram is an excellent one that you can utilize to publicize your account online and offline. This feature has plenty of advantages which will be exciting for you. 

To create an Instagram Nametag, you must go to the profile and click on the Nametag option next to the archive button. You can also change the Nametag background as per your wish, either your picture, an emoji, or a colorful one. You can use this Nametag and promote it on other social media platforms. It is the easiest way for people to reach your profile without spending much time searching. 

2. Collaborative Contests:

This technique will be effective for page owners with a small number of followers who want to expand their network. In addition, you can collaborate with the other brand and conduct contests if you are a brand profile. 

As an added benefit, you can set your own rules and regulations. For example, most competitions have an entry step followed by tagging and giveaways. Similarly, you can consider Emberify to build and strengthen your profile on Instagram.

3. Instagram Story Takeovers:

There are two effective ways to approach Story Takeovers. The two types are, namely, influencer and business takeover. Both can assist you in promoting your Instagram page successfully. 

i) By Influencer:

In this method, your account will be promoted when an influencer shares with their viewers. They will be taking charge of your Instagram Stories for a day. Generally, they tell their followers either in their Instagram Stories or through a post on their feed page. It may sound traditional, but it is an excellent idea to promote your account profile.

ii) By Business Account: 

If you are a business person and have a partner with the same target people, then you can use this opportunity. You both can team up and create content for each other’s Instagram users. In addition, you can post one another’s posts on consecutive days by tagging them. It always works both ways.

4. Question and Answer Sessions:

Your Q&A session can do so much in advertising your Instagram account. Your followers may have some specific questions about you and your page. So creating a session forum will help you to know more about your followers. Schedule some time for running FAQ sessions in your profile at least once a month.

You can do it while on your live sessions or ask your followers to leave a comment in the post. Besides, you can make use of Instagram Stories to post the Ask Me a Question sticker feature. Some of the Story questions with the following ideas.

  • Encourage funny questions in Your Story.
  • You can ask your followers to tag a friend in the comments.
  • Decide a specific theme for your Q&A session.

5. Use Live Feature on Instagram:

Instagram Live feature will allow you to connect with iDigic’s Instagram followers or audiences in real-time. By this, you can build a loyal healthy relationship with your community. Similarly, if you are a business profile holder, this feature will help you to build trust and reliability for your business.

You can host an interactive question and answer session, home or office tour, or a demonstrative class or tutorial. Besides, you can try out Emberify to widen your Live reach and strengthen your Instagram community quickly.

6. Cross-Promoting Your Posts: 

If you want to stand out and try something new, you can simply go on other social networks. This will help you reach a broad audience and provide a free promotion. For example, sharing your Instagram content on other social media networks is an easy way of advertising. 

Many social platforms have in-built features where you can share your Instagram posts with the link. While cross-posting, keep these points in mind.

  • Have separate captions for each social media platform.
  • Use relevant and suitable hashtags.
  • Post at peak hours to get more engaged. 

Wrapping Up:

When it comes to Instagram account Promotion, you have a lot of tactics that you can employ. After that, it is in your hands to make the right choice. You now know how to make your profile engaging and drive more followers. 

Make sure that you stand out from everyone in whatever ways you choose to carry out.

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