To get the best bathroom mirrors, you need to take your time and choose the one that will match the style of your room. You can choose a circular or round design, and if you want something compact, you can opt for a wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling model. If you are looking for a light, you can opt for a lighted mirror. Also, you can choose from various colors and materials, which will help you create a stunning bathroom.

Circular or Round:

The latest trends in mirror design include a range of circular and rounded mirrors. These mirrors are ideal for smaller bathrooms. They save on wall space and can give your room a unique look. Plus, round mirrors offer more surface area for refraction.

Another cool bathroom mirror is a lighted makeup mirror. It allows you to get ready without taking up too much counter space. A lighted mirror is perfect for glam rooms or when you want extra light in your bathroom.

Choosing a mirror with a built-in shelf is a great way to display your favorite items. Another option is a hanging mirror. Hanging mirrors are easier to install and blend with many different styles and color schemes. However, a mirrored wall is too big for most bathroom walls. Fortunately, this can be remedied by placing the mirror a little higher up the wall.


Lighting your bathroom mirror can change the look of your bathroom. Lighted mirrors come in different shapes and sizes, so you can find a perfect piece to suit your needs. But before you make the final choice, you must do some research.

You need to know how lighted mirrors function before buying one. This way, you can invest in a high-quality LED mirror. Choosing a mirror with a beautiful frame is also a good idea.

Investing in a lighted makeup mirror can be a great way to make your bathroom more functional. It doesn’t take up valuable counter space and can help you get ready without sacrificing the appearance of your bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors are now functional, stylish, and fun to use. They are available in various shapes and materials and can be used in vintage and modern designs.

Rounded Edges:

Rounded edges in bathroom mirrors are a big trend for the year. They add a softness and sophistication to a room and are especially well-suited for tile-wall bathrooms. These mirrors aren’t perfect circles and can have various styles and shapes, including curved, LED lighting, and distorted borders.

A round or curved mirror can be an easy way to open up a bathroom’s walls, and they can also complement rectangular sconces. If you buy a mirror with rounded edges, ensure it’s in tempered glass. Tempered glass breaks into smaller, rounded pieces when it’s broken. It means that the reflection will be less distorted and more accurate.

Compact Stature:

Bathroom mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. While the framed mirror might be the most popular option, frameless alternatives may be the more economical choice. However, you’ll need to choose the correct style for your space.

The sconces on the sides of the mirror are also important. Hanging sconces at the proper distance from the mirror allows for even illumination. Sconces should be spaced no closer than 36 inches from the sides of the mirror.

For a small room, a smaller mirror might be more appropriate. However, you should avoid making your mirror too small, as the reflected area will be too small to be of use. Choosing a mirror with a symmetrical shape is also a good idea.

The mirror’s height is largely determined by the type of lighting you have installed. You’ll have to determine the best way to mount the fixtures to ensure you have a quality view of yourself.


Bathroom mirrors are becoming more stylish and functional. Their design ranges from modern to antique. They are an essential part of any bathroom. A mirror can be an easy way to brighten up a dark room. It can also make a smaller bathroom seem larger.

For a truly unique look, consider a mirror with a geometric shape. It will make an excellent visual statement in a modern or minimalist bathroom. The curved edge will soften angular spaces and add a touch of texture.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative, consider an unframed mirror. They only take up a little room and are an excellent choice for minimalist rooms. They can complement a vertical window.

It is the best choice for your bathroom if you’re planning to get a lighted makeup mirror. They are also perfect for glam rooms. Adding an LED light to the mirrors allows you to prepare for the day and get ready to go out without taking up a significant amount of counter space.


One of the most popular bathroom mirror trends is the mirrored cabinet at Round mirrors offer a surprising graphic focal point and can create a minimalist bathroom or add some fun to an otherwise plain space. You can pair them with other round motifs, such as wall sconces or pendant lights.

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