People love to talk about attire but sometimes forget about shoes. It is common for people to dress up well but forget shoes and end up looking weird. In fact, shoes are as important as clothes for your looks and style. Everything from platform shoes to fisherman sandals is making its way into shoe sale nz. You should know where to look.

Ballet flats:

Ballet pump shoes have recently made a comeback. It was a popular fashion trend in the 90s. Ballet pumps have been thought to have gone out of trend for years but are now a huge fashion trend today. The comforts of ballet pumps don’t make fashion enthusiasts surprised by its comeback.

These timeless classics work with all kinds of clothes ranging from jeans to skirts to leggings. The current season trend of these is the pointed-toe silhouette which has an amazing finish to it. Also has ribbon fastening and intricate details you can look up in shoe sale nz.

Kitten heels:

The comeback of Kitten heels from the 80s has really made fashion enthusiasts surprised. It’s a bit hard to make it look trendy. These kitten heels are seen around lately and remembered where it was from. But that is why women seek them for their vintage feel.

To achieve a modern feel, some embellishing styles with leg-lengthening point toes are used in kitten heels. 

Gladiator sandals:

An example of unusual inspiration in shoe sale nz is gladiator sandals. They get their looks from the shoes of the gladiators in the battles from ancient times. These sandals have flat soles and multiple wide-cross straps, from soles to a thicker strap at the top. This footwear is considered to be more useful than attractive. Today they have evolved into numerous styles, lengths and materials. 

Two-strap sandals:

Two-strap sandals have gained huge popularity in recent days. They owe their comfortable feel and elegant design to the Birkenstock classics. These have two wide cross-straps that wrap the foot horizontally. These sandals have a slip-on design. Slingback types are common too.

T-bar sandals:

Another sandal that has its design in its name is the T-bar sandal. T-backs are a trending and demanded type of footwear in recent days. T-bar sandals are evolved from close-toed T-bar sandals to look sleeker and more stylish. These are known as “school sandals”.

Bar shoes:

Bar shoes are popular footwear which very much resembles ballet flats except with an additional strap at the middle of the foot. Shoes gained popularity as footwear among girls and women around the 1900s. 

Colourful shoes:

Today it may seem like black is the only colour the fashion people like. But 2022 changed all that. A new trend of bright and neon colours is seen in the latest trend in shoes. This trend was first seen in clothing, and it later seeped into footwear too. Colourful shoes are called dopamine dressing. 

Party shoes:

It is impossible for fashion enthusiasts without the party shoes that made their way recently. These shoes include recent trends footwear from oversized bow sandals to glittery footwear. This season has really made minimalist, and maximalist party looks similar. Metallic shoes are something that works well for black dresses this season. Dance floor shoes are also a must if you want to be included in the fashion crowd.

Lace-up boots:

As already seen, 90s nostalgia always reigns in both street style and in runway style. These lace-up boots are enjoying the attention of the fashion crowd. So, dresses like floral midi can be worn with lace-up boots to add an androgynous look.

Thigh-high boots:

Thigh-high boots range from high iterations and wader-inspired boots to lower ones like staples just over the knee. In recent trends, these are seen as a perfect choice to wear with leggings or with the jumper dress. An oversized t-shirt suits women even better. Thigh-skimming boots are ideal, too, for pairing with mini skirts if your leg is long covered.

90s mules:

Last but not least, in shoe sales in NZ. Mules have pretty much been rooted in our wardrobes for the past few seasons. Again, the 90s fashion trends are still going strong in the new season. These shoes this season have a younger spin, from animal prints to sparkling patterns.

Peep-Toe heels:

Peep-toe shoes have an opening at the front part of the shoe which makes the toe visible. Peep-toes are very comfortable yet can use when going out for a party night or casual outings. These are trending recently and have made their way to the market.

Final Thoughts:

Fashion trends are unpredictable, and your very old wardrobe items never go out to waste. So, you can keep stocking your favourite shoes without guilt or fear that they might get wasted.