Does your router network forward the slow network? If you are struggling with your home router network with these kinds of errors then you have to use it to make your device network well a WiFi Rockspace device. This is a liable networking device, it is well and good for streaming sports videos, playing HD games, streaming live online videos, playing games, etc. It works on a dual-band technology that is implementing 1200 Megabytes Per Second. The Rockspace wireless repeater delivers a Well-built high-density network connection. This comes from the wireless connection including dual-band network technology. 

The technological data that is shifted by your device is this WiFi range extender can automatically determine a high-quality band. It also makes your existing wireless router network better with good network performance. After the wifi repeater setup, it offers the wireless network high-speed data up to 300Mbps interest connection up to the 2.4GHz. Access the more speed wireless connection up to 867Mbps that’s supplied by the 5GHz. It is a compatible wireless range extender that is undoubtedly combined with the 802.11a/b/g/n standard router network connection. 

Does the WiFi Rockspace device locate the excellent spot?

Yes, the WiFi Rockspace device locates the excellent spot through its excellent stretchable signal antennas. Additionally, this range extender signal booster implements the connection in your home’s non-existing locations or weaker locations. You will use this wireless range especially while your home networking device is stuck off to supply the network into such zones where your device is placed.

If this location is not adequately under the signal zone, you can use the  Rockspace wireless networking router. This wireless range extender is exclusively more accommodating for getting rid of testing or examining the instantly your non-signal zone. It has powerful antennas that are also suitable for setting up the range extender device quickly.

How does this Rockspace be to find a better spot in your home? 

It has the capability to locate the non-signal location and dead zones in your home via its LED signal indicator. To locate the signal in your home through the LED light, then you first get it up or configure this device in an accurate manner. While this comes in a working condition then let’s make a better spot or bond of network connection among your internet enabling appliances.

Connect the internet first in the WiFi Rockspace device extender of your home networking router. If you are not liable for uniting with your home router and its network connection then repeatedly rearrange this wireless device. Thus, after connecting the internet to the router, you will locate the signal in your home using the LED signal booster. 

Is the WiFi Rockspace device best for accessing the signal booster? 

Yes, this wireless device is best for boosting the network connection of your home router. Place the wireless booster in the location of non-signal zone areas and after this access the network connection from this device after taking the router network. Search re.rockspace.local to activate the Rockspace wireless device. After starting the registration Id of this networking extender, you should take the high-quality network connection.

Open the user interface and search the user interface of the WiFi Rockspace device. This is an individual device that’s implemented or intended with dual-band external antennas. That easily locates the better signal and boosts your smart device network and improves bandwidth network connection. 

How much location is covered by this device? 

The WiFi Rockspace wireless is a sportive wireless booster that forwards. The router connection of the network between more than zones with this WiFi repeater. The internet coverage of this home device is almost good. The WiFi coverage of these devices is 360 degrees relocating to access the higher connection in your home by up to 1292 sq. ft. With a reliable and secure data transmission. An internet connection rate of up to 1167Mbps covers your networking device’s internet connection bandwidth. 


The WiFi Rockspace device is working or acts as a network server network connection of a client. This is the main bridge between your home networking devices or your networking router that exclusively takes the internet very undoubtedly. Making your booster network more improving than staying united with the home network device with your computer.

In addition, also locate a better placement for the Rockspace booster. A good zone to access the high-priority network connection. Sometimes, the better strength network is not taken up by the eligible device due to some misconfiguration. So, repeatedly configure your wifi extender booster and improve the network signal range easily.