White glove services are a type of customer service that is typically used for high-end real estate. This type of service’s main purpose is to ensure the client has a great experience throughout the process. These services can be used in any situation where cleanliness and professionalism are essential.

What is White Glove Service?

White glove customer service is a high-end service that is used for luxury items, such as cars and boats. The name “white glove” comes from the fact that when you receive your product under white glove service. And it will be delivered in pristine condition with no scratches or dents.

The main purpose behind this kind of customer service is to provide customers with a better experience while purchasing their products or using their services. Companies offer this type of service because they want to retain loyal customers who will continue using their products and services in the future.

Home Delivery Space

In addition to being a luxury service, white glove services are also used for homes with difficult access. If you have a home that has many stairs or your furniture is so large that it cannot fit in the elevator, then you may be eligible for white glove delivery.

Homes that receive this premium delivery service will get their items delivered on carts. And carried up at least two flights of stairs by professional movers.

Raw Materials and Manufacturing

The Raw Materials and Manufacturing services provide the materials needed to make and manufacture those products. And Raw Materials are typically considered a subcategory of Raw Materials and Manufacturing. And as it deals with such things as metals, chemicals, textiles, and paper. Getting these raw materials into usable form is what makes up the rest of this category.

High-End Vehicles

White glove service is used for high-end vehicles, such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Rolls Royces. This service is provided with the delivery and collection of these cars. With this service, you can expect to receive a fully polished car with every detail attended to—from shining the tires to polishing the rims and even cleaning out your ashtray! This service aims to ensure that your vehicle remains pristine during transport so it doesn’t pick up any scratches or dents along the way.

Luxury Furniture

White glove furniture delivery services are used to transport and install high-end furniture. This includes fine antiques, marble statues, and other fine art pieces. The service works to protect the items from damage during the transportation process by utilizing special padded bags, boxes, and crates for shipping. It is also common for these types of deliveries to include an installation specialist who will bring your new piece into your home and place it in its proper location for you.

As per a digital solution platform Sutherland, “In order to keep customers happy and recurring, you need efficient, practical business processes in place that allow you to deliver a great customer experience.”


White glove services are used for many products, from luxury furniture to high-end cars. It offers a superior level of service that ensures your product arrives in the best condition possible. And is protected from damage during transit.