A presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites is a sure-shot method to attract attention to your YouTube channel. You may add YouTube videos to your updates and posts when you build your own personal or company profile on these platforms. This cross-linking of YouTube across channels is a largely underrated trick that works wonders for promotion! Read on to learn how to gain YouTube subscribers using the social media platform Instagram; without having to buy Instagram followers.

Run a contest on Instagram:

Running a contest is a new and intriguing approach to attracting people to your videos. This is followed by some of the most popular brands. The trick is to hold contests that encourage viewers to remix current videos using Instagram reels and produce their own videos for the brand or your product. Naturally, your Instagram audience will be drawn to your YouTube channel because of the rewards you provide that are linked to it.

Not just that, but other than participating,  the majority will come to watch what other YouTubers are up to.  Contest submissions are sure to be amusing in a variety of ways. The contest’s most inventive and engaging viewers will submit submissions. The best part is that it drives followers to both your social media platforms using Instagram, without having to buy Instagram followers. The videos are also suitable for usage in other media to gain youtube subscribers. It’s a win-win situation for you since you get a boost in traffic.

Make use of Instagram Influencers:

Getting a YouTube video highlighted by relevant influencers can help you attract a lot of attention to it. It takes some time to find users that could be interested in your video’s content, but once you’ve done that, it’s as simple as sending out a press release that explains the video and provides a link to the YouTube video page. You might also wish to provide the embed code for your video.

The embed code can then be linked to their Instagram stories or bio for quick and easy access to your video. You might be able to pay influencers to mention your videos in some cases. Some may find the pay-per-post (PPP) model repulsive, yet it’s becoming more popular in the blogosphere. You’ve just established a fresh stream of viewers for your video when a blogger links to or embeds it in his blog. A certain number of these new visitors will click through to your company’s website, just as a certain amount of existing visitors will.

DM, your Instagram followers:

Make use of the existing Instagram audience that your brand has already cultivated. Send them a Direct Message to personally inform them of your YouTube channel. If you aren’t aware, Direct Message Groups, or DM Groups, are private groups of people that can message each other on Instagram. When you publish new material on your YouTube channel,  you should send a message to the group telling them about your video. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and likes on the video that you have posted. Think of it as a give-and-take situation in which you must actively participate with enthusiasm in the group and engage with the posts of other members as well. These groups may be found by simply reaching out to your audience or seeking potential similar users. 

Attract and draw visitors to your YouTube channel from your Instagram page:

Use your Instagram feed to post little teasers and samples of your YouTube videos to effective;y link and connect visitors to your YouTube channel. Small snippets of your video will encourage your audience to watch the entire video. This will lead them to your YouTube channel and consequently help you to gain YouTube subscribers. It is best to link your YouTube video to your Instagram video. Add a call to action to this, something that says YouTube link in the Instagram bio, for instance. Although Instagram does not allow video links in posts, your Instagram Bio is a great way to work around this. Be sure to regularly update your Instagram bio with your most recent video links.

Use all of Instagram’s features:

When marketing on Instagram it is best to utilize as many of Instagram’s built-in capabilities as possible. This is because Instagram’s algorithm works wonders in marketing. It especially favors stories and lives. Make use of all their features to gain YouTube subscribers; these include geo-tagging your location and using the right hashtags. And mentions stories that link to your YouTube channel. By doing so it will also simultaneously grow your Instagram page, you won’t have to buy Instagram followers. Your Instagram promotion is incomplete without any of these elements. To build hype, before uploading YouTube videos, post countdowns. To increase interaction, use polls, quizzes, and emoji sliders. It is best to go live as much as possible. 


Attracting people to your platform takes a lot of effort and ingenuity; it doesn’t happen by accident. If you’re lucky, all of your efforts will result in an increase in the number of people who watch your youtube videos. Success starts to breed success at this stage. That is, the more people who see your content, the more they will speak about it and promote it to others, increasing the number of people who see it.