A home in Mumbai is something I was desperately looking for, and when I came across this beautiful property in Mulund, I was very excited to move here and invest my money in this new place. Piramal Revanta is a fantastic project in Mulund Mumbai that I recently came across. As soon as I saw the site, I was happy to have my own home here. This place was quite luxurious and was located. Close to Nirmal Lifestyle Mall in Moti Nagar, Mulund West. 

Mulund is a well-known place on the central line of the Mumbai railway. The site is popularly known for its beautiful spots and exceptional colleges. I chose this place because my office was near this fantastic project and it would be best for me to travel. Piramal Revanta, the project itself, has stunning surroundings; the place was spacious and luxurious. 

With the expensive rates of properties, I was finding a reliable property with all the facilities I needed. The Piramal Revanta was a fantastic place that was reliable and convenient for me, and here I was, investing ₹1.35 Crores to ₹3.37 Crores for 1 BHK. The site had multiple options for getting 1, 2, 3, 3.5, and 4+ BHK homes. Whether you’re looking for a perfect home for your family or someone who wants to buy a home, this place is perfect. 

Searching for properties online is such a hectic task, but it eventually gives you what you’re looking for, and that’s how I came across this beautiful property in Mulund West. As my children are in college at Mulund, it’ll be pretty easy for them to travel from here, and my job is also near Piramal Revanta. With this property, my whole family could live comfortably as I plan to get a 2BHK at this site.

Why I Choose Piramal Revanta Over Other Properties?

There are multiple reasons I selected this place over others, and the first was the proximity to my office, as I was traveling a lot and having difficulty reaching the office on time from Badlapur. Still, now that I have a home in the same city as my office, it would be easy to travel to my office. Making it easy for my children, I selected this place so they can travel to their college easily. 

The other most important element I sought is a beautiful view and compelling surroundings. I wanted a place that was beautiful,  spacious, and luxurious in my budget, and this place was an accurate representation of what I wanted.  

The modern amenities here are something I have been looking for for years, and Mulund as a city is safe, secure, and easy to travel to. It doesn’t have a lot of crowds, and all the places here are peaceful. To talk about what’s sound, the builders are offering multiple services, and as the site is in the building phase, I can suggest some changes to my room and get personalized services here. 

Amenities I Loved At Piramal Revanta

When I first looked at the layout of this building, I knew the amenities here would be top-notch, so I don’t have to compromise on the amenities and get the best facilities possible. Mulund in Mumbai is an underrated city, not many people know of, and having a beautiful home with top amenities was something that I wasn’t expecting. 

This place was beautiful and easy to travel around. There was Connectivity To the Eastern Express Highway and up to 50% Open Spaces. The Premium Luxury World Class Amenities here and the space provided to every person here is worth the money. I’m all about the green places, and this property has lush greenery around where I can walk and have my own time. 

If we talk about some luxurious amenities here, first, we get a Fire safety, Security, and CCTV camera, which makes this place safe and secure. This place has an Air conditioner, Visitor parking, Power backup, and Maintenance staff to ensure people are having their convenience here. At this place, I got an Aerobics room, Clubhouse, and Community hall to spend time and connect with people. 

If we talk about some fantastic facilities, that is having a Gym here. The place to work is something I always wanted, and here we have a full-fledged gym. There’s a swimming pool to have my time and relax for a while. I love playing games, and having a Badminton court, Basketball court, and Tennis court is such an advantage where I can call up my friends and play these games with them. 

There’s a Gas pipeline so we don’t have to worry about booking gas every month. There’s an amazing Park and Amphitheater where we can attend or organize events. Children’s play area

It is a dedicated space for kids to have fun. There are a lot of indoor games available at this place, and there are also Spa/steam/sauna services.


Lift accessible to all the floors is available here, and there’s also a Common garden for all the people here; along with that, we have a Jogging track here for people who love to run in the morning. I love parties, and this place has a dedicated Party area for people who like to party. 
We have Wi-Fi services here, an Intercom, a Sewage treatment plant for waste management, and a Rainwater harvesting system for using the water accordingly. The place is Vastu compliant, so everything aligned when I thought of getting this home.  When looking for a home, I came across Piramal Revanta, a luxurious property, and Nobroker’s verified property listings made this process easy for me. If you’re looking for some good places in Mumbai, make sure you check NoBroker.in.