I was working with the internet for a long duration of time and have never tried a wireless connection. All I had used in the name of the internet was mobile data. Never really tried a wireless router or a connection like that. I wanted to try it once and for all as the mobile data expenses were getting up heavy on my wallet and I had heard that a wireless connection would cost me much less than what cellular data was taking away from me. So I brought and set up a wireless router at my house. It worked well whenever I was around it. The speed was good and it was quite a pleasing experience. It was until I found out that the range got really weak whenever I strolled a bit away from the router or when I went multiple walls ahead. This got me triggered. It was not clearly possible to move the router around whenever I wanted to sit in a particular room. I started looking around for solutions and found many until finally, I found what I was looking for. They were wifi extenders and not just any extenders. They were the Paleoer wireless extenders.

Paleo wireless extenders

Wireless connection extenders or repeaters are apparently devices that relay the network. They do so in a wider range starting from wherever the device is placed. Hence, increasing the connectivity and range by a huge factor. I went around looking for a good extender and finally found the name of Paleoer repeater. They were affordable, compact, and equipped with a good range. They also had an easy means of setup through the linkĀ where you could easily set up and manage your extender and its many features and function. In order to go further into the setup of your device, you will need to go beyond the Paleoer wifi extender manual page. You will be easily able to log in by using the default login and password. This will redirect you to the Paleo setup page. You can then follow the website UI which I did and successfully set up my extender. It was really convenient. The website is quite user-friendly and is easy to figure out. Pretty good for beginners and first-time users like me.

Where to place the repeater?

After the setup, I needed to find the best place to plug in my extender so that I could enjoy the best coverage all around my house. It was a lot easier to find the right place due to the flashing LED on the extender that kept showing me places that had good range until the farthest I could go. That is where I placed the extender into a socket and voila, there was connectivity all across my home. I found out that in case of a connectivity issue or even a forgotten password situation, the Paleoer extender link is quite assistive. You can use it to reset your extender and reprogram it and install updates which is amazing ease of access.

Management of Paleoer wireless extender

I had no idea how I had to manage the device and use it in the best possible way to get the most out of it. Turns out that the people at Paleoer have it all figured out. I did not have to do anything to the extender except clean it for dust residues. Apart from that, it worked like a charm and the only time it gave trouble was when the main wifi router was having an issue. I did need to regularly install updates from the Paleoer regularly to keep my extender up to date and giving its peak performance at all times.

Final words

The Paleo wireless extenders got me out of a non-connective situation to an all-around connective one in no time. It was simple and easy to set up from the Paleoer extender link and also quite manageable. The devices are very symmetrically and compactly designed in order to save space and be pleasing to see. It will completely resolve the problem of dead spots in my house and also eliminated weak connections from every corner. It was a wholesome experience using the Paleoer extenders and I will surely go back for more Products from Paleoer in the future.