Many unknown personalities come under the media spotlight and the known like to hover behind the curtain. Meredith Bagans is a dynamic woman who is familiar and dear to a lot of youngsters. She is maverick, extrovert, and amicable in nature. She reaches millions of fans through Zak Bagans, a superb brilliant TV actor. Basically, she is their older sister of Zak. A short biography of this woman gives a preview of her age, date of birth, relationship, and net worth income. 

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Who Is Meredith Bagans?

Meredith Bagans is not a heavy-weight Celeb with a handful of international accolades. Better to say, she captures the audience as the duty-bound affectionate sister to Zak- an American actor. How is she popular? This bold and beautiful lady attracts near and dear ones showing her modesty and beauty. Though little is revealed about her professional career, she is the pinnacle of attraction. Others emulate her to have the same social status and portfolio. 

Who Is Zak?

Zak is an all-in-one gentleman. He is close to trillion TV viewers with his superb physical profile and dynamic acting personality. This American performer stars in various short-ranged commercial entertainment programs aired on TV channels. As a paranormal detective, he acts fantastically influencing his seniors. He appears as a presenter hosting and leading Ghost Adventures. He is a famous American actor and he is also responsible to take care of his sister named Meredith Bagans. 


Date of Birth of Meredith Bagans:

The relationship with Zak is sweet and Meredith tries to keep her love and honor intact showcasing veneration towards Zak. This sweetheart was born to a respectable family. Her actual date of birth is 4th June 1974. Her childhood days were spent in Washington D.C. By ethnicity, she is Caucasian. She grew up with her younger brother. In a cool and friendly environment, Zak and Meredith enjoyed their early lives. They are emotionally attached and determined to maintain clarity to become friends sharing their sorrows. 

Meredith and Her Parents: 

Meredith Bagans is lucky to have parental love which always boosts her up to move for success. Nancy June is the mother to nestle this sweetheart. She is an interior designer by profession. On the other hand, Larry Bagans, father of Meredith, is connected with the marketing field. He is a sales representative who supports her to build up their career.

Short Bio:

Full NameMeredith Bagans
DOB  June 4, 1974
ProfessionSister of Zak- American TV actor 
Birth CityWashington, D.C.
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameLarry Bagans
Mother NameNancy June Knapp
Gender IdentityFemale
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMichael Mixer
No Of ChildrenTwo ( Morgan Mixer and Maddox Mixer )
SiblingsBiological Brother- Zak Bagans, Sky Knapp, and Phil Knapp

Breakage in Relationship – Painful for Meredith:

Meredith had to suffer from the caustic separation. Her parents decided to go for a legal divorce. It was a breakage in their relationship and romantic life. Later Nancy June planned to marry Thomas Knap after the complete separation. Therefore, Meredith has other half-brothers fathered by Thomas. Sky and Phil are step brothers. 

Her Education: 

Meredith is not illiterate but her fans do not have any information about education. Reliable family sources claim that she completed her schooling in Illinois. However, she is not eager to talk to neighbors and TV anchors about her previous education. 

About Meredith’s Profession: 

She is a middle-aged aunty but she glows in natural charisma and vanity. As far as her profession is concerned, people are not aware of the way of she earns a livelihood. It is not that she is lazy and reticent. She is active and likes to help her brother in different ways. Still, nothing is clear about what she does exactly. 

Meredith’s Romantic Life:

Romance and adventure seem to be inseparable. Both terms are applicable to Meredith. She feels ecstatic when she goes outside for exploration. Same way, her first encounter with Michael Mixer was a turning point for this American celeb. She admitted that Michael is the evening star for her. She is fond of this young man. However, she is conservative and not ready to disclose her previous flashback. Their marriage is stable and fruitful without tug-of-war. 

Any Siblings?

The remarkable conjugal life has brought two sweethearts named Morgan Mixer and Maddox Mixer. Meredith is happy to nurture her babies. They are also lovable and adorable. It is a peaceful moment for her to experience. 


Meredith hides her personal likelihood and interest. She is not desirous of leaking her dating and hobby. She keeps everything personal without exposing herself. However, she is praised for her energetic mood. She is sportive, jolly and friendly. Though she didn’t mention her hobby specifically, she likes to watch TV shows and recreational programs. 

Net Worth: 

Meredith is not a TV personality, model girl, or mannequin. Nor is she an executive of a big company. However, the media source has stated that she owns $100000 now. Zak has 30 million dollars worth of assets with legal ownership. 


Meredith Bagans is busy with her family matters. Even she is not seen on top social media portals. Still, she communicates with media associates, journalists, and admirers of Zak. She is proud that she belongs to a family with a powerful media influencer and TV presenter – Zak.


1. Why Meredith Bagans is So Popular?

Ans: She is very popular as a celebrity sister. Zak Bagans is a famous American TV actor, author, and paranormal investigator, who is the brother of Meredith Bagans.

2. Is she Married or Not?

Ans: Yes, she is married to Meredith Bagans. She is the mother of two children.

3. What is  Meredith Bagans’ net worth?

Ans: Her net worth is around  $100000.

4. What is the relationship between Zak Bagans and Meredith Bagans?

Ans: Zak Bagans is the brother of Meredith Bagans. Zak Bagans is a very famous and well-known person.

5. What is her Nationality?

Ans: Her nationality is American.