A woman is very gorgeous with her razor-sharp vanity to defy her rivals. Her dazzling profile is still mysterious to give a stunt to million dudes – from teens to oldies. She is none but Ellen Pierson. This dynamic and energetic realtor has brought a change to her life. She is a celeb glowing in the radiance of elitism. Know about her short bio, her professional career, and her romantic encounter with Robert Kardashian. 

Who Is Ellen Pierson?

Ellen Pierson is an American realtor and sales manager. She is a bold independent woman who has 1 million net worth of property. This woman was married to a successful lawyer but it was not a powerful bond. She parted with Robert after spending six weeks of marriage. 

Short Bio of Ellen 

Full NameEllen Pierson
Date of Birth1949
Birth PlaceCalifornia
FatherNot Known
Mother Not Known
ProfessionRealtor and sales executive
Spouse                      Robert Kardashian
Age                           72 years old
Weight5 feet and 7 inches
Height 75 kg
Zodiac Not disclosed 
Religion Christianity
Eyeball Color          Black
Hair Color                 Blonde
Net Worth                 $1 million

Date of Birth 

Ellen was born and brought up in California. Her date of birth is 1949. Though people are not able to discover much about her childhood days, she got love and appreciation from her parents. She completed her schooling and decided to start her professional career as a sales manager. 

A Quick Glimpse of Her Professional Profile 

Ellen is not an ordinary lady. She never spent her days playing cards or watching TV. She is an active maverick woman with a high ambition to touch the sky. This septuagenarian entrepreneur and sales executive have established an oversize communication network. Under this umbrella, she met several celebs and respected netizens. She is proud of communicating with such honorable celebs during her regime. Ellen is a realtor with a big business opportunity. She financed several private real estate sectors. In between, she was nominated for having the two glossy awards. Her contribution to the real estate industry is remarkable. Finally, she opened J. M. Pearson Real Estate based in Santa Clarita, CA. 

As a vice president of the company, she took care of the interests of workers. She held her portfolio till 1984. However, she had to move to join another company as the Title insurance representative after the sudden closure of J.M. Pearson company. Besides, she was the director working with Heritage Escrow located in Palm Desert. From 2000 to 2008, she entertained her management and employees as a director of this company. 

Other Prestigious Awards Conferred to Ellen 

Ellen Pierson was selected for a number of awards and international accolades. An example is Longest Drive Award. The award distribution ceremony took place at Willis Allen Wounded Warriors Golf Tournament. 

Ellen’s Dating 

Ellen is also a widow of her Late husband named Robert Karashian. Her romantic relationship was not stable but stormy. It was a short-lived experience for her to stay with Robert. The marriage life was short to have six weeks long. Robert died abruptly after being married to this sales executive and realtor. Stories revealed that her husband had a previous relationship with Kris Jenner. She was her first wife.

Reason for Robert’s Death 

Robert was a real friend to giving company to this realtor. They loved each other. However, both were not happy and lucky. Bad days do not come giving you indication. Same way, she was not ready to accept the hardest reality. Robert had esophageal cancer. He left for heaven suddenly leaving his sweetheart in the hollowness of despair. It was a tough time for her to face. 

Family Dispute 

Ellen is not a weak woman but she is extremely powerful. Her bravery is inexplicable. In a short and quick interview, she disclosed her caustic experience. She shared her pain and frustration. Robert proposed to accept her as his sweetheart. He wrote in his diary that his ex-wife had an affair with someone. She was not duty-bound and responsible to keep their love intact. Therefore, he decided to go for the legal separation. Later, Kris Jenner blamed Ellen for her unlawful interference to leak the hidden love affair. 

Another episode is the family feud regarding the birthright. Khloe Kardashian, the daughter of Robert by his first marriage was not a legal heir claiming the right to be Robert’s daughter/descendent. Ellen charged Robert’s family with evidence to deny the authenticity of his birthright to Khloe. In this way, she is not allowed to possess the property owned by Robert. Khloe and her family members moved to the court for settlement. Even they lambasted Ellen for the untimely death of her husband. She had the bad intention to recover and showcase her right over the vast real estate property of Robert. This lust and selfishness forced her to live together under the roof. Ellen did not value this allegation positioned against her. 

Any Step Daughter and Son of Ellen?

Ellen has admitted that Robert has several daughters and a son. Kim, Kourtney, and Rob Kardashians. However, she has questioned Robert’s family members over the controversial and complicated relationship of her husband with Khole. Ellen does not consider Khole as their legal daughter of Robert. 

Ellen’s Net Worth 

Ellen is a self-reliant woman with a superior personality. Whether in a private or professional career, she never opts for the shortcut to achievement formula. She confirms that she has not cheated on her husband. He was a cancer survivor and she felt regret. She can’t forget this tragic chapter of her life. However, Robert’s 30 million dollars worth of assets did not attract her. She earned 1 million dollars through her extensive involvement with the business. It is her honest earning excluding her husband’s property and money. 


Ellen Pierson is perfect to maintain her lifestyle. She likes to serve for the benefit of others. This philanthropist and realtor have the bright vision to do what is required by her fellows. She is also popular for her controversial comments. She believes in honesty and truthfulness. Congratulate Ellen for her excellent profile with a touch of aristocracy and elegance. She will be always remembered by millions of fans and friends. 

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