Famous author and psychologist Beth Grosshans has authored numerous books on parenting and child development. Her best-selling book Beyond Time-Out: From Chaos to Calm provides helpful guidance on how to calmly and successfully discipline kids. But there’s always a supporting male behind every successful lady. So who is Beth Grosshans Husband? The man’s name is Dennis Stattman, and he’s been married to Beth Grosshans for more than thirty years. He practices private intellectual property law. 

This post will tell you about his life and what he does. It will also talk about how being married to Beth Grosshan has helped him to reach his goals and follow his dreams, finally, how he has managed to take care of both his work and his family.

Beth Grosshans Husband: A Chance Encounter Leads to a Lasting Romance

Beth Grosshans and Dennis Stattman met by chance at a conference in New York at the beginning of the 1990s. With backgrounds in psychology and law, respectively, they were both there as speakers. They discovered they had a lot in common after starting a conversation, such as a love of travel, a strong work ethic, and an interest in education. After the meeting, they exchanged phone numbers and stayed in touch.

A Supportive Partner and a Successful Lawyer

Beth Grosshans Husband, Dennis Stattman is a private intellectual property lawyer who specializes in patent litigation. He has represented many clients in high-profile cases involving technology, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. He is also a partner at a prestigious law firm in New York.

Dennis Stattman has always been supportive of Beth Grosshans career and achievements. He encouraged her to pursue her doctoral degree in psychology, to write her book, and to share her expertise with the public. He also helped her balance her work and family life, by taking care of their two children and their home.

A Happy Family and a Fulfilling Life

After more than 30 years of marriage, Beth Grosshans and Beth Grosshans Husband, Dennis Stattman are parents to a daughter and a boy. In their lovely Connecticut home, they take pleasure in spending quality together as a family. They also enjoy taking international trips to discover new locales and civilizations. They have traveled to numerous nations, including Australia, Japan, France, and Italy. 

Both of them participate actively in their community and give to numerous charities and causes. In addition, they volunteer at their kids’ schools, support other students, and take an active role in their kids’ education.

How Beth Grosshans Became a Bestselling Author and a Respected Psychologist

Human psychology and behavior have always captivated Beth Grosshans. Her doctorate from Rutgers University, her master’s from Columbia University, and her bachelor’s from Yale University were all obtained as a result of her interest in psychology. Thereafter, for more than 20 years, she practiced clinical psychology with a focus on family and child treatment. Research on subjects like resilience, self-control, and attachment was also done by her.

Beth Grosshan’s book

Writing a book on parenting was Beth Grosshans’s way of reaching a larger audience with her expertise and experiences. After being released in 2008, her book Beyond Time-Out: From Chaos to Calm became an immediate hit. The book provides parents with doable and efficient methods for handling typical kid behavior issues like tantrums, disobedience, and violence. The psychological underpinnings of these tactics—such as the significance of establishing boundaries, maintaining consistency, and encouraging emotional connection—are also explained in the book. Both fans and critics have given the book fantastic praise, and it has been translated into other languages.

Her philosophy

Also, Beth Grosshans has discussed her book and parenting philosophy on various media channels, including radio, TV, podcasts, and publications. Several shows have featured her, including NPR, Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and The Today Show. In addition, she has contributed pieces to several publications, including Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal, and NY Times. In the fields of parenting and psychology, she is acknowledged as a prominent authority and influential figure. Other accolades she has been bestowed with include the Rutgers University Distinguished Alumni Award, the American Psychological Association’s Outstanding Contribution Award, and the National Parenting Publications’ Parenting Book of the Year Award.

Her source of support

Because of her commitment, skill, and enthusiasm, Beth Grosshans has had amazing success in her roles as a psychologist and novelist. Beth Grosshans Husband Dennis Stattman has also been a source of support, encouraging her to follow her passions and assisting her in striking a balance between her personal and professional lives. They have combined to make a successful and motivational existence.


A happy and prosperous marriage that exemplifies this is Beth Grosshans and Dennis Stattman. From mutual respect, trust, and love, they have forged a solid and enduring connection. Aside from building a fantastic family, they have both had amazing success in their separate careers. Many people who want to live fulfilling lives look up to Beth Grosshans Husband and Beth Grosshan as inspiration.


1. Who is Beth Grosshans?

Beth Grosshans is a retired clinical psychologist and author who has written on topics such as child development and parenting.

2. Who is Beth Grosshans husband?

Beth Grosshans husband is Dennis Stattman, a private intellectual property lawyer who specializes in patent litigation.

3. How did Beth Grosshans and Dennis Stattman meet?

Beth Grosshans and Dennis Stattman met by chance at a conference in New York in the early 1990s, where they were both speakers.

4. How long have Beth Grosshans and Dennis Stattman been married?

Beth Grosshans and Dennis Stattman have been married for over 30 years.

5. Do Beth Grosshans and Dennis Stattman have children?

Beth Grosshans and Dennis Stattman have two children, a son and a daughter.

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