You all love your pets and want them to be as content and safe as can be. While there are plenty of options regarding the food and toys you give to them, managing their bathroom needs is a lot less nuanced. This article has been written to give you a better idea of what to look for when shopping for a suitable container for your cat’s mess. This article is all about the large litter box.

Size Matters

The size is one of the most basic considerations when shopping for a litter box. While kittens start out as tiny little creatures, they will eventually grow beyond the confines of a small container. A large litter box settles the issue of size because it can be a more permanent fixture in your life as a cat owner. The cat will likely still fit, and it can accommodate additional cats if you have more furry friends.

A Bigger Size Allows For More Entrance Options

A large enough litter box can be engineered to feature multiple entrances. This feature means you can adjust the box’s placement to suit the layout of the room you store it. Multiple entrances within a litter box also mean that a multi-cat household can better accommodate the different personalities of its feline residents; kittens and elderly cats can use a frontal entrance, while youthful and energetic cats are free to enter from the front or the top.

A Spacious Litter Box Contributes to Feline Health

Studies have shown that even if a cat is unhappy with its litter box, it may still use it despite the frustration. While it is good that cats will use a litter box despite disliking it, an inadequate litter box can still elevate the risk of health problems in your cat. The biggest issue with a bad litter box is that it can raise the chances that your cat may suffer from issues related to their urinary tract.

A Comfortable Litter Box

One of the best ways to keep funky smells and health problems to a minimum with any litter box is to clean it sufficiently. While a larger box might have you worried about an efficient scoop, chances are good that the scoop that comes packaged with your litter box is all the scooping equipment that you will need. This is because the companies know what sort of scoop their products require and want to minimize the chance customers might complain about inadequate supplies.

It Lessens The Trouble From Aggressive Spraying

A sufficiently-sized litter box is also likely to have high walls; if it is not an enclosed model with a lid. A litter box with high walls means that it can better prevent the chance of your cat spraying above the box and ruining whatever surfaces their stream impacts against. 

Furthermore, an exceptionally engineered model of the litter box will have its interior walls designed in such a way that any sprayed urine will slide back down into the litter, where it will then be absorbed and leave any offensive smell rendered inert.

Cats Appreciate the Freedom Of More Space

Cats like having options when it comes to relieving themselves. Providing your cat with a bigger litter box means that it can have more room to move about. Furthermore, the greater degree of space for moving about means that your cat can choose from more angles and directions when using the box. 

There is also the obvious benefit for houses with multiple cats-more space means that your cats will have more individual space in those rare moments when both of them feel the need to use the bathroom.

Cleaning House

So as you can see, there are several reasons why a sizable litter box can contribute to the safety and comfort of your cat. You can give your cat different entrance options and greater mobility, keep your cat healthier, protect your home from stray spraying, and rely upon the packed-in scooper for optimal cleaning (a comfort for both you and your cat).

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