Staying committed to exercising can be a challenge. Sometimes a busy schedule or a lack of motivation can prevent one from sticking to a workout routine. However, once you get past the opening hurdles of sticking to a plan, you can expect positive results. Read on for what you should do when starting your exercise routine.

1. Determine Your Goals

Before starting your plan, determine what exactly you want to achieve. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass will determine what exercises will be part of your routine. For instance, increasing muscle strength requires different exercises that can take more time and effort than just losing weight.

So, how long does it take to build muscle? The answer depends on a number of factors, such as your diet and the rate at which you are exercising. Remember that regardless of these factors, you should not expect instant results. Building up to your ideal body takes time, patience, and commitment. If you stay committed to your workout routine while simultaneously not going overboard, you can expect steady improvement over time. 

2. Plan Your Schedule

The next step is to plan out your weekly routine. Fitting routine exercise into your week can be a challenge, so carefully pick out when you would have free time and try to fit exercising into those time slots.

Every small bit of exercise helps, so even if you can only get ten free minutes to work out, take that opportunity. Try to exercise around the same time of every workout day, as sticking to a specific time of day can improve your results and your overall health. 

3. Choose Your Exercises 

Once you have defined your goals and prepped your schedule, think about what workouts would best fit your needs. You can allocate your workouts to different days on your schedule. For example, one day could be dedicated to cardio exercises, while another day could be for weights. Try to mix up your exercises in each category as well, as your body could potentially get used to doing the same repetitive exercises, thus not producing adequate results.

4. Pace Yourself

When planning out your workout routine, also remember to include days of rest, as rest is an important aspect of exercise. If you constantly work out, you could experience pain and muscle degradation. Your schedule should include days without exercise to give your body time to recover from the previous workouts. 

When starting, you might be tempted to put your all into each of your exercises, but you should instead try to start small and gradually work your way up to more intense workout sessions. Exercise lightly for only a few minutes when you first start before you get into the extensive plan. The more you gradually build up, the better your body will acclimate to your training, making the extensive sessions more comfortable and rewarding.  

5. Stick to Your Plan 

Above all else, stay committed to your plan. A common occurrence among those starting a workout routine is for the plan to fall away after some weeks. Some people tend to be disappointed if they don’t see immediate results.

Truthfully, you will need to stay committed for a long period of time before you see significant results. Don’t give up hope and instead stick to your plan, as before too long, you should get into the shape you desire. If you find your routine too exhausting or monotonous, try scaling back or changing a few things to make it more palatable for you.

Remember that a workout plan should accompany a proper diet. Be sure to cut out sugary foods and get a proper balance of healthy proteins and vegetables. When working out, stay hydrated as well, keeping a bottle of water by your side at all times. Finally, keep breathing when exercising. All of this combined with a steady workout plan can keep your body healthy as you work toward your goals.

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