Are you looking for a unique look? Women especially love to accessorize and dress up to stand out from the crowd. The Viking style fashion might be the perfect answer for that unique look. After all, Vikings were some of the most fashionable people throughout history. Their popularity, especially around fashion, has only grown in recent years! You can bring a little Viking flavor into your style with Viking jewelry.

Are you interested in learning more about Viking jewelry and how to spot the “good stuff”? Keep reading to learn all about authentic Viking jewelry and how to spot it.


Viking style was typically made of silver, bronze, gold, or iron. These materials were readily available during that era. The material used in the jewelry is an important factor in determining its value and status.

Silver was a trendy material for Viking jewelry, as it was readily available and quickly worked into intricate designs. Bronze and gold were also used but were less common due to their higher cost. You used iron for more functional items such as brooches and clasps.

When examining a piece of Viking jewelry linked right here, look for signs of wear or patina that can indicate the material used and help confirm its authenticity.


Viking artifacts were often handcrafted, so look for signs of individuality and imperfection. Authentic Viking jewelry should show signs of the artisan’s hand, with minor irregularities and variations in the design. If the piece looks too perfect or uniform, it may be a modern replica made using machine tools.


Viking-era jewelry designs were often inspired by nature or mythology, featuring intricate knotwork, animals, or runes. These designs were often symmetrical and reflected the Vikings’ love for precision and order. Look for these patterns and designs when examining a piece of Viking jewelry to confirm its authenticity. 


Authentic Vikings should be at least several hundred years old. When examining a piece of jewelry, consider its provenance and history to determine its age. If the piece has a documented history and has been verified as a genuine Viking artifact, it can be a good indication of its age and authenticity.

Cultural Context

This should fit with other artifacts from the Viking Age. If a piece of jewelry seems out of place or anachronistic, it may be a modern replica or fake Viking style. Consider where the jewelry was found and its context in relation to other Viking artifacts when assessing its authenticity.

Authenticity Certification

Seek out a reputable expert or certification organization that can verify the authenticity of the jewelry. A professional appraisal can help confirm a piece of Viking jewelry’s age, material, and craftsmanship, giving you confidence in your purchase and ensuring that you are adding an authentic piece of Viking history to your collection.

Learn How to Spot Authentic Viking Jewelry

Authentic Viking jewelry is not hard to find. Be sure to examine the material, roots, and cultural significance. Buy only from established and reputable dealers to guarantee quality and authenticity.

Don’t miss out – start your Viking jewelry hunt today!

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