QuickBooks Remotely Access has established itself as the quintessential financial and accounting management solution among other tools on the market.

Users of QuickBooks Remote Desktop believe they can multitask without spending too much time and effort, and this software is ahead of the competition. Demand for applications is growing rapidly and remote login is the main reason for this huge demand.

In simple words, QuickBooks desktop remote access means accessing your software from any system through a secure server on the Internet. Remotely QuickBooks allows users to access all documents, emails, and all-important information without worrying about their physical location. 

How can I Access the QuickBooks Desktop Remotely?

 1. QuickBooks Online

Intuit’s QuickBooks Online is a great cloud-based option for businesses. It has different plans to fit the needs of varying user numbers, so no matter how large your organization is, you’ll have an ideal solution.

Choosing QuickBooks Online over QuickBooks Desktop is helpful in numerous ways as QB Online provides:

  • QuickBooks shared access to the data among multiple users with Robust support and a 24×7 chat option. 
  • QuickBooks users have completely secure data with no backup requirements

2. Remote Access Tool

It is one of the QB add-ons provided by Intuit. With the help of this feature, users can now access QuickBooks remotely from multiple devices. Some of the advantages of QB remote access tools are:

  • Users can print locally and access data files
  • Allows users to copy folders and documents between remote and local computers.
  • QB remote access tools offer compatibility, security, and better integration 

3. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Intuit allows approved hosting of QuickBooks desktop software on a variety of third-party servers. Users can remotely use the QB setup installed on the hosting provider’s server with the help of Cloud Hosted Desktop Service securely.

The main advantage of hosting a QuickBooks desktop in the cloud is that users get the same features of their QuickBooks desktop that have been added as hosting services have evolved.

Why Should You Choose QuickBooks Hosting?

QuickBooks hosting in the cloud is one of the best ways to achieve better business results. Hosting QuickBooks desktop in the cloud has many advantages compared to QuickBooks online.

Here are some of the key advantages of QB Hosting:

Online options can slow bookkeeping due to increased traffic, but using a hosting service gives you quick access to your QuickBooks data and files.

QuickBooks Online is outsourced and maintained solely by Intuit. However, there are various hosting providers available to offer QuickBooks hosting. This gives users more room to choose packages and perks, saving them a lot of money.

QuickBooks Hosting has many add-ons compared to the limited QuickBooks Online add-ons. 


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