Whatever mobile phone plan you have, chances are there are several benefits available to you. Depending on the plan and how many people are on your plan, you may decide to use one or more of these benefits. Here are seven common mobile phone plan benefits you can use.

1. Unlimited Plans

The majority of mobile service providers offer unlimited plans. These plans typically include unlimited data, minutes, and text messages. You may be able to set up an account for yourself or an account with multiple lines for you and other members of your household. Many service providers add other benefits to their unlimited plans, including hotspot capabilities and flexible contracts. If you’re interested in an unlimited plan or want to switch providers, make sure you research various plans to compare them so you can choose the one that benefits you the most.

2. Free Mobile Phone Service

Some circumstances allow people to sign up for free mobile phone service. Check whether you qualify for the Federal Affordable Connectivity Program. This program makes sure people who cannot afford mobile internet and communication devices but need them for work or school have access to more affordable or free options. You or your household may qualify for several reasons, including meeting federal poverty guidelines, participating in certain assistance programs, or receiving Federal Pell Grants. If you think you qualify, your next step should be to check whether your mobile service provider participates in the program.

3. Bundled Subscriptions

Mobile service providers are increasingly bundling other service and subscription options with their mobile phone plans. Some of the most common additional subscription options include streaming services for television, movies, games, and music. If you’re interested in a bundled subscription, check what services your provider offers. Some providers may only offer a few sets of options, while others may allow you to customize your bundled subscription.

4. Robust International Usage

As more people travel internationally and utilize their phones for many aspects of their travels, good international phone plans become increasingly important. Look for a phone plan that includes good international usage benefits, including overseas data accessibility and reasonable rates to call or text from abroad. The international usage options available to you will depend on your plan and the country in which your provider is located. For example, a company based in the United States may offer unlimited usage if you travel to Canada or Mexico. Or the Caribbean, and varying rates for countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

5. Additional Phone Lines

Adding phone lines to your plan is important if there are multiple people living in your household. This benefit is most often accessed by families, but people may also add phone lines for people living outside their homes, such as young adults who have recently moved out of their parent’s homes. You may also choose to access a plan that comes with additional phone lines if you live with roommates. Most plans allow users to add a certain number of lines for free or at discounted prices. If you exceed that number, you may be charged additional fees.

6. Payment Plans

Cell phones are expensive, so many companies offer payment plans for customers. When you buy a new phone, you can pay it off in installments rather than paying for it in full upfront. These installments are included in your monthly service bill.

7. Bundled Internet And Cable

Bundled subscription services aren’t the only options for mobile service users. You can also bundle other services, such as internet access and cable. Most mobile service providers are either part of larger internet and cable companies or partner with these companies. If you have a preferred internet provider, look for mobile service providers associated with that company.

Some mobile phone plan benefits may be offered as part of a deal when you sign up or upgrade your plan or devices. They may also be offered as part of other promotions by your service provider. However, there may be other benefits you may not be aware of. Make sure you check your service provider’s website, review related government programs, and compare different plans. Or providers to learn about the most advantageous benefits for you.