One little pendant necklace can make a world of difference in your wardrobe. You can spruce up your basic outfits or use pendant necklaces to step out of the box and create bold looks.

A pendant necklace is one of the best ways to accessorize, but you can’t just pick any necklace you like and wear it.

You must choose the right length so it doesn’t end up being too long or too short. Otherwise, imagine feeling choked by the very thing you love.

There are different types of pendant necklaces available, so it might seem like choosing a necklace length is too complicated. Fortunately, we can help! Here are some tips for choosing the right necklace length.

1. Measure Your Neck Size

If you want to invest in the right pendant necklaces, it is essential to measure your neck before putting any money down. The best way to do this is by using a soft measuring tape.

It would be best if you wrapped this closely around your neck. Then add 2 inches to your neck measurement. Then you can get a comfortable length, especially for chokers that are typically 16 inches.

You need to add 4 inches more to your neck measurement for a name necklace or a pendant.

Chokers are best for those who have short necks. If yours is like a swan, you are better off sticking to the best pendant necklace. Check out for stunning designs.

2. Measure Your Height

Are you a very tall person or short and sweet? Your height is a factor to consider, especially if you are buying a necklace with a pendant. Finding the perfect chain to flatter every body type can be tricky.

Consumers under 6 feet tall should stick to necklace lengths less than 20 inches. A long necklace pendant can appear overwhelming for a more petite body frame.

If you are above this height, you can wear any length of chain you want. Longer chains will look stylish on taller customers because they accentuate a tall frame.

3. Consider Face Shape

A diamond pendant necklace can be a fantastic accessory that helps frame a beautiful face, but you need to find the right necklace to accentuate your strongest facial features.

Then you can slightly alter your look to make you feel confident. For instance, consumers with round faces should stay away from short chokers or necklaces.

These options may end up drawing too much attention to the roundness of the face rather than other features you want to highlight. If you have an oval face, you must take advantage of wearing any necklace pendants because you can pull off any shape, type, or necklace length.

Those with a long face shape may need to wear shorter necklaces to help soften and broaden their face shape.

Choose the Right Pendant Necklace Today

Now that you know the three best tips to help you choose the right pendant necklace, it is time to measure your neck size and go from there. Remember that buying a necklace is like shopping for the perfect pair of jeans.

It would help if you considered what flatters your body and face shape instead of buying whatever is trending. If you enjoyed reading this jewelry and fashion guide, check out some of our other posts.

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