Perfectly modern decor is a rare find in the current era, and homes flaunting an old-world charm are simply too difficult to find. It is not easy to bring back the old-world charm into your living space. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of resources to lend a vintage touch to your space. When we say bring back the old-world charm, it could mean adding that ancient-European design vibe. Now it could be the zesty-yet-elegant Spanish Colonial design that you’re going for. Or the regal Victorian design, or the revolutionary French Renaissance design. Or the warm and comforting Tuscan design, or the gorgeous Mediterranean design. There are many design styles that can be used to lend an old-world charm to our living space. 

We bring to you a mindfully curated list of lighting designs that would beautifully bring the best out of your decor with their worldly charm. These designs can not only accentuate the aura of your living space but also add an effortless functionality quotient to your gorgeous decor. Now, sit back and take a look at everything we have for you.

Begin with the statement lighting design:

The statement lighting design lays the foundation for your decor regardless of the design language you incorporate into your decor. For the old-world charm, it is essential that you choose an overhead lighting design like a chandelier. Or a pendant light, as those are the ones that were preferred in decor since the medieval era. A tiered or ringed chandelier brings the best out of your decor quite seamlessly. 

You can definitely go out of the box and choose to have a large table lamp or a floor lamp as a statement lighting fixture. And they would do just the job for you. The added advantage here is that you could easily lay the foundation for your ambient lighting layout with a table lamp or a floor lamp. 

Ensure that you’re using suitable materials in the space:

The best way to create a near-perfect old-world vibe in your space is by using the same materials. And elements that were relied upon during that era. And that mainly means wood and iron. It won’t be very difficult to find a lighting design embellished with iron or wood or both. Wrought-iron designs are quite an easy find and they can blend beautifully into any kind of decor and setup. And same goes for designs crafted out of wood. Both these lighting designs have a timeless appeal and they can gorgeously add to the elegance of your space.

Also, check about the folding door.

Complement the lighting designs with period-relevant home decor:

This isn’t a lighting technique by any means but it is something that can fabulously complement and complete your lighting layout. Any kind of home decor design crafted out of iron, brass, and glass. Or wood is perfect to complete your decor effortlessly. Lighting designs do set the tone of your space, but home decor can add just the flavor and depth your space needs.

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