Cats are the always most lovable pets. They are very popular for their attractive cute look, eye colour, and flexible body. Although there are many glamorous cat breeds in the world. However, black cats with blue eyes are very attractive and different. Though this breed is scarce. All can be impressed by their looks. This is why people love to buy a solid black cat with deep blue eyes. This breed is so much attractive just because of its blue eyes.

In this article, we can get information about breeds, prices, Black cats With Blue Eyes and genetics.

How scarce are Black Cats with Blue Eyes?

It is true that a black cat with blue eyes is very rare. A solid black coat and blue eyes cats are a breed of Ojos Azules. We can say that Ojos Azules is a very rare breed. In 1992, there were only ten cats of this combination. Presently, there are a few hundred cats available. This cat is hard to get because its price is very high. This type of cat was first introduced in Mexico. So, a solid black cat with blue eyes is a very uncommon breed in the cat world.

How do Blue Eyes improve in Cats?

Kittens are born with blue eyes always. But the kitten’s eyes colour is changed gradually into yellow, green, brown etc. This colour-changing process is done within 5 to 7 months. There is a scientific reason behind that eye colour changing. The reason is melanin in the iris of a cat. When kittens are born, there are no melanin-producing cells in the cat eye. Kitten’s eyes look blue due to the light refraction. With the increasing number of melanocytes, cats’ blue eyes turn into their actual colour. But one thing is that in black cats with deep blue eyes, the colour stays blue due to the absence of melanin-producing cells in the cat eye.

Relation between Coat Colour and Eye Colour:

The different sources show that there is some relation between coat and eye colour. Due to a lack of melanin pigment in the eye, the eye colour remains blue. Therefore, white coat colour with blue eyes cats is common. But, this breed is very uncommon. That is due to the fact the genetics for eye and coat colour aren’t the same in later instances. The eye colour became because of mutation.

How can you say that Kitten’s Eyes Remain Blue?

So, there is no surety to remain eyes color blue. During birth, kittens are born with blue eyes. But in most cases, blue eyes turn into green or yellow or brown between 3 months. Moreover, if the eye colour remains blue after the time period, there is a chance to stay blue forever.

Breeds of Black Cats with Blue Eyes:

Here we can know about the list of cat breeds with blue eyes.


Balinese cats are domestic pets. This breed has long-haired, silky and amazing blue eyes. They are playful and friendly to their owners. This breed has some black patches on its body. Balinese is also considered a Black Cat with Blue Eyes.


Birman cats have semi-long hair, attractive coats, and silky and beautiful blue eyes. They are playful, friendly, and gentle. Birman cats are very friendly.

Ojos Azules:

This is the most suitable cat breed which contains a black coat and blue eyes. This breed is very demanding and rare. This cat first appeared in Mexico in 1984. This breed has a solid black coat, soft and silky with amazing blue eyes. Ther are very friendly and gentle.


This breed of cat is actually known as the Siamese Persian cross and it was first introduced in 1930. Those cats are mainly medium-sized. This breed has a fluffy coat and heavy bones which give a beautiful look. This breed can be considered a true black cat with blue eyes. 


Ragdoll Cats are the largest family-friendly pets.  Those cats are mainly big-sized. This breed has a soft silky coat and semi-long hair with sparkling blue eyes. Ragdolls are a very well-known breed of cats in the entire world.

Some Health Risks about Blue Eyes cats:

A  few reports are expressing, Cats with blue eyes have visual impairment and deafness. Moreover, this statement is false for Black cats with Blue Eyes. This kind of issue is mainly seen in white cats. Whilst the black cats with blue eyes comprise the genetic in homozygous circumstances, then – it could reason for some health issues.


Black Cats with Blue Eyes are very rare in the world. Usually, this combination breeds prices are high. Here, we have discussed the mean price of all the different breeds in the USA. 

Cat Breed NamePrice
Balinese$750 – $1500
Ojos Azules$700 – $1600
Birman$650 – $1000
Himalayan$700 – $1500
Ragdolls$800 – $2000

Meaning of Black Cats:

In some of our cultures present the black cat is a symbol of bad luck. Some people believed in this silly culture. But the truth is that black cats are very cute, lovable animals in the entire world.


Black Cats with Blue Eyes are a very beautiful natural gift. This breed is family-friendly, playful, and gentle. So, we all can keep them as pets.

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