Bharat Rishi Moorjani is primarily recognized for being the spouse of Richa Moorjani, a well-known American actress. As you are all aware, Richa is well-known for portraying Kamala in the popular Netflix series Never Have I Ever. When she published images of her spouse dressed in traditional Indian attire from their destination wedding, people started searching for him.

We will fill you in on every detail of Bharat Moorjani in this post, including what he does, how did the couple meet, and details of their marriage. 

Who is Bharat Rishi Moorjani? 

Bharat Rishi Moorjani is a financial expert who moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver. He is best known for being Richa Moorjani’s husband, though. As soon as numerous well-known celebrity news websites uploaded their images, people started looking for him online. They have a wonderfully sweet love story, as Richa explained. They met through a dating service designed specifically to bring together South Asians in America. The sentences that follow will go into more detail about their tale.

How did the couple meet?

The couple met four years before marrying. Richa said in an interview that when she registered for the app, she didn’t have great expectations. Even the thought of meeting someone through the app made her laugh. While on a vacation, her companion registered her in the app because she was stuck in the passenger seat with nothing to do. Despite Richa’s objections. 

The name Rishi appeared in the majority of the profiles they found, which is hilariously also Richa’s brother’s name. She claimed that anyone with that name should be avoided since it will undoubtedly be strange. She then stumbled upon Bharat Rishi Moorjani’s profile, who, despite being a financial specialist, did not wear a suit to show it. In contrast to the majority of the guys on these applications, he did not even have a shirtless selfie, giving the impression that he was a respectable person.

How did the love story develop?

As soon as they started messaging one another, Richard knew he was a genuine man even before they spoke. They both enjoyed meditation and drank infrequently. Also, they remain linked to their Indian history and culture, despite the fact that both of their families are from the West. They both surprisingly enjoyed 80s music. 

When they finally got together a few days later, Bharat Rishi Moorjani explained that he typically goes by his middle name, Rishi. She then gave thanks to the world since, if he had kept that name, they would never have crossed paths. Additionally, they share the same birthdays on May 26 and 27. She became aware of their compatibility as a result of everything.

When did they decide to get married?

As marriage in Indian culture is not a bond between a couple but between families. Also, they chose to be married after they had both met the other’s families. Indian culture holds that marriage binds a couple for seven lives rather than just this one. They chose to get married after meeting and experiencing that connection.

Bharat Rishi Moorjani even made her a creative proposal. He planned a fake audition, but a friend of his who pretended to be a casting director asked Richa some questions. The casting director requested Bharat to enter the room shortly after she finished her audition. Richa was initially perplexed by what was going on, but when Bharat knelt down on one knee while crying, professed his love for her. And proposed to her, she no longer had a role but rather a fiancé.

How did they plan their marriage ceremony? 

Richard confessed that she was actively planning their marriage while shooting “Never have I ever,” in contrast to what her television persona was doing. Two days after the shooting was over, they took a flight to Cancun, where 130 of their closest friends and family members attended their destination wedding. They planned the entire three-day festival in accordance with Indian culture. And there was also a sizable Bollywood music and dance party.


We think you now know why people are searching for Bharat Rishi Moorjani. It’s mostly because of the narrative of how he met his wife and the magnificent wedding ceremony they had.

His wife, actress Richa Moorjani, is well-recognized for her roles in shows like The Mindy Project, in which Mindy Kaling was the main actress. She is also the executive producer of the show Never Have I Ever. It’s wonderful to see that despite their fame and success, they haven’t lost sight of their Indian heritage. This could be the reason why online users adore this duo.

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