Digital sales reached $4.9 trillion in 2021. This sum is predicted to rise by a staggering 50% to $7.5 trillion in four years. Despite increasing online shopping, online retailers’ conversion rates have remained steady. E-commerce sites’ CRs range from 2% to 5%, depending on the season, region, and subset of the online retail industry they serve. This is it. A 2-5% website traffic conversion rate may appear like a solid measure of marketing campaign performance, but more is needed to grow your business or money.

Because it shows that 95% of website visitors won’t buy. How can you boost online sales? Invest in the last section of the sales funnel. You can hire best Ecommerce SEO Company for your help.

Get ready to maximize your sales with the following advice on designing your product pages.

Buy Credibility with Trust Badges

A lack of faith in material is a major barrier to conversion. A “trust crisis” has been affecting societies around the world since 2019. Governments, the media, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are losing the public’s trust. Business is the one sector of society that has not been affected.

However, more than avoiding consumers’ mistrust is needed to win over lifelong customers. You need to try to convince them that your offer is genuine. In addition, you should reassure customers that they can trust your company to execute on its promises so that they purchase from you.

How should I go about doing this? According to Edelman’s most recent findings, confidence may be cultivated by disseminating accurate and reliable information. It’s conveying to customers how you plan to deliver on the promises made in your value proposition and addressing their concerns.

Including credibility badges on product pages is the simplest method to achieve this. These images serve as a mini-design element that successfully captures the attention of website users conveys information, and provides useful data that may ultimately lead to a sale.

Make Use of a Powerful Call-to-Action

Improving the persuasiveness of your calls to action is another great technique to increase conversions on product pages through design. A good SEO company can help you to make a powerful call to action but before hiring them you should know about their Ecommerce SEO Packages.

The positioning of your calls to action is the first thing to examine if you want to make them more convincing.

Significant insights into how people look at websites have been found from eye-tracking studies over the past two decades. Using this information, you may optimize the placement of your call-to-action buttons on product pages.

Your Product Gallery is Important

Images on product pages can be quite influential in getting people to purchase. Google found that visuals influenced the purchasing decisions of 53% of internet shoppers. Furthermore, 50% of customers rely on their purchases on looks alone.

And sure, in 2022, it should be pretty easy to include jaw-dropping product pictures on your product pages. Follow these guidelines to improve your product photography and increase your site’s conversion rate.

Size Does Matter

An academic study in 2014 found that improved product photography through specific technological characteristics increased sales conversions. The survey found that people like product photos that: 

  • Have a large focal point; 
  • Are well-organized rather than chaotic; 
  • Have a warm color palette;
  • Possess a great deal of depth of field and contrast;
  • Including social media integration.

Context is Essential

64% of female mobile shoppers agree that seeing products in use makes a difference in their purchasing decisions. Be bold about giving your product photos some background.

Space makes products more noticeable

White-on-white product Photographs are a great way to showcase your goods because negative space draws attention to important elements on a page, such as the text and the images.

Take Advantage of Additional Social Evidence

Displaying product ratings and reviews would enhance conversion rates because consumers rely on other’s opinions and experiences when buying products beyond their expertise.

These two pieces of social evidence won’t set your company apart. They cannot accelerate buyers through your sales funnel.

Improve social proof to boost product page conversions and customer happiness.

Content Created by Users

Use satisfied customer UGC to promote social proof.

Buyers enjoyed UGC, according to TINT’s 2022 research. 

  1. UGC is trusted by 72% more than ads.
  2. Internet users have hashtagged brands (64%) and reshared user-generated content (64%).

Show Real-time Sale Notifications

What if your product pages need more social proof to prove your brand’s legitimacy? You may need real-time sales alerts.

This strategy gives the impression that your store is always busy and successful. In addition, it demonstrates to online shoppers that actual individuals are making purchases in the virtual store they are now exploring.

Pressure people to buy using scarcity and time limits

Scarcity and time pressure can also boost product page conversions. Remember when there wasn’t enough toilet paper in the year 2020? If so, you already know that people acquire and hoard items that seem limited even if they don’t need them. And they act similarly when confronted with a pressing need.

You may combine the two to boost conversion on your product pages if you’re ready to engage in some light psychological trickery. Banners, pop-ups, and badges can do the trick if they are strategically placed.

Streamline Your Quoting Procedures

Last but not least, one of the primary trends driving conversions in 2022 is customization, which you should consider as you seek strategies to increase conversions on your product pages.

McKinsey’s 2021 report predicts:

  • Customers want personalized experiences from 71% of firms.
  • When it doesn’t, 76% are disappointed.
  • Most importantly, customized brands grow 40% faster than non-customized brands.

However, product page personalization may be difficult. This is why few e-commerce companies enable customers to change their orders.

What if you buy a technology that lets clients order exactly what they need? Make it easy for clients and improve their shopping experience.


Investing in product page visuals can boost conversion rates. Remember these six design elements as you improve the bottom of your sales funnel and make your marketing messages heard and remembered. However, you must test the strategies on your website to see if they work. Know what methods have worked for your firm before implementing them. That way, you can be confident you’re optimizing conversion rates and outperforming your competitors.