When talking about famous restaurants in the united states, the sonic fast food chain will definitely be mentioned. If you want to enjoy a nice meal in a cool environment, it is actually one of the best places to visit. 

It is an American restaurant chain known for serving top-notch meals, and casual dining and serving a variety of affordable meals and drinks. Sonic food chain set aside a time for their happy hour deals which allows their customers to enjoy discounts on the items they buy during that time.

This American fast food chain also known as “The Drive-In,” is owned by, the founder of Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings also Inspire Brands. The restaurant is now popular for its top-quality meals.

However, I will be providing you with detail on the sonic happy hour. Also, this article will be focused on all other important information you need to be aware of about it. 

When Is The Sonic Happy Hour? 

In case you have doubt, sonic observes their happy hour every day of the week from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. If you know the time sonic happy hour commences, you definitely won’t miss out on their happy hour deals.  

Discounts will be placed on the items you buy during the sonic happy hour deals, and some items may be available for free. 

Sonic happy hour menu: 

During the sonic happy hour, items like limeades, slushes, and corn dogs are sold as low as $1. Another interesting part is that almost all their drinks are available and sold for half of their price during Happy Hour. You should be well aware of the items on the sonic happy menu before placing your order. This is why my team and I will showcase some of these items in this section of the article below.

  1. Limeades: Actual price ($2.59) Happy Hour price($1.30)
  1. Real Fruit Slushes: Actual ($2.99) Happy Hour price ($1.50)
  1. Corn Dogs: Actual price ($1.29) Happy Hour price (1$)
  1. Candy Slushes: Actual price ($2.49) Happy Hour price ($1.25)
  1. Iced Teas: Actual price ($2.19) Happy hour price ($1.10)
  1. Soft Drinks: Actual price ($2.19) Happy Hour price ($1.10)
  1. Sonic SplashActual price ($2.19) Happy Hour price ($1.10)

From the above list, look carefully, and select an item of your choice and I can assure you. You won’t regret trying an item from the sonic Happy Hour Menu. To be eligible for the happy hour discount make sure you go at the right time. 

How To Locate The Nearest Locations:

It is famous in the united states, so it’s easy to locate. You can identify Sonic restaurant using the  “Restaurant” feature on your mobile map. There are other ways of locating “The Drive-in” restaurant near you. 

You can:

  • Download the sonic Mobile app on Google play (on the apple store if you are using an iOS device)
  • Proceed to Select the “locations”  option.

And voila the nearest sonic will be displayed on your screen. If the above steps aren’t easy, you can use your search engine or use the sonic website. For more details contact your local sonic restaurant. 

Is Sonic Happy Hour The Same For All Locations?

No, the sonic happy hour varies with the location you are visiting. Although the standard time is 2 pm to 4 pm, some locations may choose not to follow these due to one reason or the other. To avoid disappointment, you can check in with any nearby location and make inquiries regarding their schedules. 


Does Sonic Restaurant Offers Happy Hour During Weekends?

Yes, they do. Sonic offers their happy hour throughout the week. Walk into the “Drive-in” around 2 pm to 4 pm and you are qualified to enjoy their happy hour deals. 

Do Sonic restaurants serve their happy hour menu all day?

No. Sonic happy hour kicks off at 2:00 p.m. and ends at 4.00 p.m. . To avoid missing their happy hour, keep to time. Contact your local Sonic restaurant for more information before visiting as this time may be different from your location. 

What If I Miss Out On sonic Happy Hour?

If you miss out on sonic happy hour deals, you will have to settle for the available menu. Or perhaps come back the next day And make sure you get your timing right. 

When is Sonic breakfast hour? 

Sonic Breakfast Hours during weekdays · Monday to Thursday: 6 AM till 11 PM · Friday: 6 AM till 12 AM · Saturday: 7 AM till 12 AM · Sunday: 8 AM till10 PM


Sonic is by no doubt the home of amazing deals, they offer top-quality meals at discounted prices. During their happy hour, you are in for a non-costly treat. Go to sonic around 2 pm – 4 pm and enjoy your meals at a discounted price.

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