Motorcycle accidents can happen at any time in Vero Beach. These untimely accidents can be stressful, especially for first timers who don’t know the next step to take. While it’s essential to understand what you should do after a motorcycle accident, it’s also paramount to know the don’ts of the same. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident while vacating in Vero Beach, avoid committing the following mistakes.

Failing to Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The very first decision on your priority list should be contacting your lawyer. After the accident, notify your legal representative of the accident details. While at it, contact your Vero Beach motorcycle accident lawyer on time for legal advice and assistance. The lawyers work in good faith and will help you craft a statement and speak with the other drivers or riders’ insurance companies on your behalf.

Underestimating Your Injuries

You or your loved ones may sustain injuries from a motorcycle accident. And one of the common mistakes that most people commit is ignoring injuries such as whiplash and back pains, hence seeking no medical attention. This blunder, however, may affect their health in the future. Therefore, visit the nearest healthcare facility in Vero Beach as soon as possible after you sustain noticeable injuries to your skin. Your physician will conduct detailed assessments and provide treatment options for quick recovery.

Deciding Not to Call the Police

Even in minor motorcycle accidents, contact the nearby Vero Beach local authorities or police to report the accident. The timely notification ensures instant safety for you and other road users. Police officers file an accident report and ensure a thorough write-up of how the accident occurred. They also determine who’s at fault and provide recommendations on reducing road accidents through news reporting channels.

Moving Away From the Accident Scene

Moving away from where the accident occurred is a mistake that the Vero Beach authorities may treat as a crime. After the mishap, therefore, they remain at the scene until the police arrive. However, if your motorcycle causes traffic on the highway or may cause a pile-up accident, you can move it to the roadside. Remaining at the accident scene helps in determining the crash liability. While at it, collect other drivers’ vehicles and personal information and document it for reference.

Not Taking Pictures of the Accident Damage

Evidence is critical while filing for compensation from your insurance company or the other party’s insurer. Therefore, take a few pictures of the accident scene before the Vero Beach police arrive for your documentation. The pictures should capture other drivers’ number plates, physical injuries, motorcycle damage, road conditions, and positions of the involved motorcycles or vehicles.

Overlooking the Need to Notify Your Insurer

Many motorists in Vero Beach overlook the need to contact their insurance company after a minor accident. However, this may mean no compensation for the risks you’ve taken insurance covers against. Therefore, report to your insurer about the accident on time so that they can evaluate your claims to determine considerable compensation as per your insurance policy.

Accepting Liability While You’re Not at Fault

Often, motorists feel the need to apologize to the other party and accept fault even without facts. Declaring acceptance is a huge mistake since the declaration of fault may work against you in compensation claims- property damage or personal injury. Therefore, contact your lawyer, who will guide you on how to prepare before making any statement. Also, only accept accident liability after the police determine you’re at fault.

Getting into a motorcycle accident brings mixed emotions about what you shouldn’t do moments after a crash. However, the above insightful guide lays a route if you are in one while vacating Vero Beach.