When someone passes away, their loved ones are faced with many difficult choices. What to do with the body is one of those decisions. While some people opt for burial, others opt for cremation. Whichever option is selected, the body must be prepared for cremation. Traditional cremation services provide a personal and dignified experience by guiding families through the cremation process with care and respect.

What Is A Traditional Cremation Service?

A traditional cremation service is a memorial service that includes both a viewing or visitation as well as a cremation of the remains. The body is prepared and placed in a casket, allowing friends and family to pay their respects before the casket is closed for the final time. The casket is then moved to a crematorium for cremation. After cremation, the ashes are collected and returned to the family.

Preparing The Body

The body is bathed and features are set to give a natural, peaceful appearance. The body is then dressed in the clothes selected by the family or dressed in a shroud. Cosmetics can be applied to provide a lifelike appearance if there is a viewing. The body is placed in the casket and transported to the service location.

The Visitation And Viewing

Friends and family gather to view and pay their respects to the deceased during the visitation and viewing. The casket is open at this time. Visitors may pray, say final goodbyes, or simply spend a few moments in silent reflection. Floral arrangements or memorabilia signifying the life of the deceased may decorate the area.

The Funeral Service

A funeral service includes a program with eulogies, prayers, and music to honor the deceased. Loved ones can participate by giving eulogies, reading poems or scriptures, displaying photos, or playing recorded music. At the conclusion of the service, the casket is closed for the final time.

The Cremation

The closed casket is taken to the crematorium where the actual cremation will take place using high heat and flame. The remains, which will consist of bone fragments, are then collected and processed into cremated remains—the ashes. The ashes are placed in an urn or container and returned to the family for burial or safekeeping.

Benefits Of Hiring Traditional Cremation Services

It Provides Closure

A traditional cremation service like green burial service near Greenville, SC allows friends and family to say a proper goodbye to their loved ones. Viewing the body and attending the funeral service can help provide closure and allow the grieving process to begin.

It Honors The Life Of The Deceased

A traditional cremation service allows you to create a personalized memorial that honors the life of the person who has passed away. You can include favorite music, photos, flowers, readings, and eulogies that highlight their memory.

It Brings People Together

Traditional cremation services typically draw the support of friends, family members, and the community. So, people gather together to comfort each other in their grief and share happy memories of the deceased.

There Are Symbolic Rituals

Traditional cremation services often include symbolic rituals, such as the closing of the casket or urn, to help represent the finality of death. These rituals can be an important part of the grieving process.

You Have A Final Resting Place

With a traditional cremation service, you will have a final resting place for the ashes such as a columbarium niche or burial plot. So, this can provide comfort in knowing there is a permanent and dignified place for your loved one to rest.

It May Be More Affordable

Although a direct cremation without service is typically the most affordable option, a traditional cremation service is often less expensive than a full burial service. So, you can customize the service to your needs and budget.

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