Losing a loved family member or friend is one of life’s biggest tragedies. No matter how much time you got with your particular person, it never feels like enough, and you are left wondering why you couldn’t have just one more day to do all the things you want to with them. It can be difficult for everyone who loved and cared for the deceased, and funerals bring up feelings of loss, despair, and grief even more.

However, instead of focusing on the loss, you can look at things more positively. As difficult as it may be, you should remember your loved one in their best and brightest form. Instead of fixating on your loss, after getting all the Funeral Home Supplies you can turn the funeral into a celebration of their life and accomplishments. Use this event to highlight the many relationships made and the moments enjoyed together. Sit with the people who loved them the most to truly concentrate on the blessing it was to have such a wonderful person in your life.

An artfully created funeral slideshow is the best celebration of your loved one’s memory. Here are some great examples to get you started.

Different Types of Funeral Slideshows:

1. Highlight Their Journey:

One of the best funeral slideshow ideas is to create a montage of your loved one and their journey through life. It celebrates your loved one in each stage of life. And allows all attendants to reflect on the good times spent with the deceased individual. Start by collecting their birth and early childhood videos; you can include first steps and spoken words. And take the audience through a tri of their entire life as they grow up, graduate, land their first job, and get married. Also, live their life to the fullest.

2. Create a Friendship Memorial:

If you’ve lost a close friend, looking back to all the times you’ve spent with them can serve as a wonderful reminder that they will always be with you. Try to collect pictures and videos of when you first became a friend. And take the audience through your friendship journey and everything you experienced with your beloved buddy. You can include the good times and the bad, the laughter and breakups. And everything in between to create the perfect friendship memorial.

3. Showcase Milestones and Important Events:

Was your loved one a highly dedicated individual who always dreamt big and was adamant about achieving all their goals? A slideshow that shows off their milestones and accomplishments would be a perfect idea! You can take the attendants through the career achievements and important events of your loved one’s life. Start by showing how hard they worked and never faltered, even when things got difficult. And you can end it by showing them enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Not only is this a great way to commemorate your loved one’s life, but it also reminds everyone how they lived a full life and offers them peace of mind.

4. Make a Tribute Slideshow:

Lastly, you can make a tribute slideshow with the people closest to the deceased. You can invite their parents, siblings, significant other, children, immediate family members, friends, and colleagues to be a part of the tribute by saying a few words about them. Between the tribute videos, you can include pictures and videos of everyone spending a wonderful time with the deceased and help the funeral take a more positive light as everyone looks back on the good times spent together.

What to Include in Funeral Slideshows?

When you start collecting photos and videos to include in your slideshow, you will probably need to reach out to your family members and friends. Request them to send you any old photographs of important events, milestones, and precious memories they would like to include in the slideshow. You can then digitize photos through a photo-scanning company for the best results. 

Here are the different kinds of pictures you should include in your slideshow:

  • Birthday photos
  • Childhood pictures
  • Home videos of family
  • Holiday pictures
  • Graduation photos
  • Wedding photos
  • Career milestone pictures
  • Video tributes from friends and family


Getting old photos digitized is a great way to include them in your slideshow. Moreover, it allows you to store these mementos in digital space so you can go back and view them whenever you live. It can be quite cathartic to reach out to your loved one through these pictures when you miss them the most.

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