Are you looking for trendy and affordable clothing online? Do you want to shop from a store that offers a wide range of products, fast shipping, and easy returns? If yes, then you might have come across Vofey Shop, an online fashion store that claims to provide all these benefits and more.

But is the website a legit and reliable store, or is it a scam that you should avoid? In this post, we will review Vofey in detail and answer some frequently asked questions about it. 


Vofey Shop is an online store that sells various clothing products for women, such as tees, tops, sweaters, casual dresses, and new arrivals. The store claims to have been in the business since 2015 and to have its own manufacturing and supply facilities. 

The store also claims to offer discounts on all its products, free shipping on orders over $79, and a 30-day return and exchange policy.

However, despite these attractive features, the website also raises some red flags that make us doubt its legitimacy and credibility. In this post, we will examine these red flags and see if they outweigh the benefits of shopping from Vofey.

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How to Shop from Vofey Shop

If you want to shop from Vofey, you should follow these steps:

  • Visit the store’s website at and browse through the products available.
  • Select the products you want to buy and add them to your cart.
  • Proceed to checkout and enter your shipping and billing information.
  • Choose your payment method and confirm your order.
  • Wait for your order confirmation email and tracking number.
  • Track your order status and delivery date.
  • Receive your order and check the products for any defects or discrepancies.
  • Contact the store by email at if you have any issues or questions.

Red Flags of Vofey Shop

Lack of Transparency

One of the major red flags of Vofey is the lack of transparency about its owner, location, and contact details. The store does not provide any information about who runs it, where it is based, or how to reach them by phone or chat. 

The only contact option available is an email address that may not be responsive or helpful. The store also hides its domain registration details in WHOIS records, which is a common tactic used by fake websites to avoid detection and accountability.

Copied Content

Another red flag of Vofey Shop is the copied content on its website. The content on the website is not original or unique, but rather plagiarized from other sources. For example, the introduction paragraph on the homepage is copied from another online store called Zolucky. 

The product descriptions are also copied from other websites or generated by the software. This shows that the store does not care about providing quality or accurate information to its customers, but rather wants to deceive them with false claims and promises.

Negative Reviews

A third red flag of Vofey is the negative reviews from customers who have shopped from it. According to some reviews on other websites, it is a scam that does not deliver the products ordered. It also sends wrong or defective items or does not process refunds or exchanges.

Some customers also complain about the poor customer service, the long shipping time, and the low quality of the products. These reviews indicate that Vofey does not fulfill its obligations or respect its customers’ rights.

Benefits of Shopping from Vofey 

Despite the red flags mentioned above, Vofey Shop also has some benefits that may appeal to some customers. These benefits include:

Variety of Products

It offers a variety of products for women who want to update their wardrobe with fashionable and comfortable clothing. The store has different categories of products, such as tees, tops, sweaters, casual dresses, and new arrivals. The products come in different colors, sizes, styles, and designs to suit different preferences and occasions.

Discounted Prices

Vofey Shop also offers discounted prices on all its products. The store claims to provide high-quality products at low prices by cutting out the middlemen and selling directly to customers. The store also has regular sales and promotions that allow customers to save more money on their purchases.

Free Shipping

Another benefit of shopping from Vofey is the free shipping option. The store offers free shipping on orders over $79 to anywhere in the world. The store also claims to have fast and reliable shipping methods that ensure timely delivery of the products.

Return and Exchange Policy

It also claims to have a 30-day return and exchange policy for its products. The store says that it accepts returns or exchanges for any reason within 30 days of receiving the products. 

The store also says that it will cover the return shipping costs and provide a full refund or replacement for the products.


Vofey Shop is an online store that claims to offer trendy and affordable clothing for women. However, it is also a scam that uses various red flags to deceive customers and take their money. It does not provide any transparency about its owner, location, or contact details. It also uses copied content on its website and has negative reviews from customers who have shopped from it. 

Therefore, we do not recommend shopping from Vofey Shop or any similar online store. Instead, we advise you to do your research and shop from reputable and trustworthy online stores that provide quality products and services.


Is Vofey Shop legit?

No, Vofey is not a legit online store. It is a scam that uses fake information, copied content, and deceptive practices to lure customers into buying its products.

Is Vofey safe?

No, Vofey is not a safe online store. It may expose your personal and financial information to hackers or fraudsters who may use it for malicious purposes.

How can I contact Vofey?

The only way to contact Vofey is by email at However, you may not receive a reply or a satisfactory solution from them.

How can I return or exchange products from Vofey?

Vofey claims to offer a 30-day return and exchange policy for its products. However, this policy may not be honored or enforced by the store. You may face difficulties or delays in returning or exchanging your products, or you may not receive your refund or replacement at all.