Since the first film premiered in 1977, the Star Wars saga has garnered a huge fan base which, of course, comes as no surprise with its epic storytelling, unforgettable characters and awesome fight scenes, which were made all the more awesome with cool props like the lightsabers.

Yes! The Star Wars lightsaber. This iconic plasma-filled energy sword has captured the imaginations of sci-fi fans for generations. From their sleek design and power to their colourful glow and characteristic hum, the lightsaber is truly an amazing weapon.

But what makes lightsabers so iconic to the point of capturing our imaginations? Keep reading to find out.

They Were Wielded by our Favourites

The Star Wars franchise has no shortage of unforgettable characters (both heroes and villains), and each character’s journey was unique. And the one thing they did have in common is that lightsabers played a major role in each of their journeys. For fans watching and following these journeys, the lightsaber also became a focal point of the story from the moment Obi-Wan Kenobi handed Luke Skywalker his father’s lightsaber in the first film to the moment Rey called that very same lightsaber to her hand during her duel with Kylo Ren.

Watching our favourite characters wield these energy swords is something that is truly amazing to the point that fans of all ages now own replicas of these very same lightsabers just to feel closer to their favourites.

Their Creation

Another fascinating thing about lightsabers is how they are created. The process, which is also a rite of passage for every Jedi Youngling, starts with a ceremony known as the “Gathering” where a youngling travels to the planet Ilum to acquire a kyber crystal. These kyber crystals are rare naturally-growing crystals that have a connection to the Force. Once the kyber crystal is acquired, the youngling then proceeds to assemble their lightsaber with their carefully chosen and custom parts.

The kyber crystal will then serve as the heart of the lightsaber by powering it up. To activate the kyber crystal, the Jedi youngling would need to focus on the Force. And the nature of their connection with the Force will also determine the colour of their lightsaber.

The process of creating a lightsaber is quite interesting and watching a Jedi embark on this journey involves self-reflection, overcoming fear, and trusting one’s instincts. And building a bond with the Force can be very inspiring for fans. It also encourages fans to follow the path of the Jedi by working on their fears and trusting their instincts.

The Symbolism Behind Each Lightsaber Colour

One other thing about lightsabers that caught the eye of fans is their different colours. While the Sith Lords typically only wield red-bladed lightsabers, several other lightsaber colours have been wielded by the Jedi Knights, which begs the question- What do the different lightsaber colours mean?

As mentioned earlier, lightsabers are powered by kyber crystals which are typically colourless. However, depending on the owner’s relationship with the Force, the colour of the kyber crystal can change. The Sith get their characteristic red-bladed lightsaber due to a ritual known as “Bleeding”, which involves channelling the dark side of the Force to pour fear, rage, pain, hate and any other negative emotion into a kyber crystal until it turns red.

For the Jedi, each lightsaber colour symbolises something different, with blue signifying bravery, truth and justice. Also, green meaning nature, harmony and growth; purple means nobility, wisdom and royalty, yellow meaning hope, goodness and piousness. Orange means ambition, creativity and resourcefulness, white (or silver) means purity, serenity and peace.

These different lightsaber colours serve to add legend and intrigue to the already epic world of Star Wars.

The Epic Fight Scenes 

When it comes to Star Wars fighting scenes, nothing compares to the lightsaber duels. The aesthetics, body movement, exciting swings and dangerous strikes of these lightsaber duels are something fans always look forward to when watching Star Wars films.


Lightsabers are well deserving of their iconic status. Apart from being a very powerful weapon wielded by Force-sensitives, their creation, their symbolism. And the important role they play in the journeys of our favourite characters only makes them all the more captivating.