Superman and Supergirl are both trendy DC comic book characters. So who are they and what powers do they have? In this article, let’s learn more about these two characters with through illustrations from Superman Coloring Pages & Supergirl Coloring Pages!

Superman Coloring Pages:

Who is Superman?

Kal-El, the child of Kryptonian scientist Jor-El, who was also known as Superman, was born. When Jor-El informed the scientific panel that a chemical in the planet Krypton’s core might explode due to increased gravity. And they just laughed at him. Jor-El loaded his wife and son onto a spacecraft to be sent back to Earth after realizing that the planet Krypton was soon to be destroyed.

His wife, however, wants to be at his side till death. So, only Kal-El traveled to Earth. The ship sank in Kansas, USA, on a farm. Jonathan and Martha Kent found the spacecraft and rescued the life of the alien youngster.

The boy was initially going to be sent to an orphanage. But they ultimately chose to adopt him and give him the name Clark Kent. Clark has demonstrated several superpowers since he was a toddler. In order to rescue mankind, Clark was instructed by his adoptive parents to keep his superpower a secret.

Superman frequently dons spectacles and loose clothing to cover his strong frame. The personalities of Clark and Superman are diametrically opposed. Superman is fearless, aggressive, and unafraid of risk, in contrast to Clark Kent who is awkward, clumsy, and bashful.

Cool Superman Coloring Pages

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Superman’s abilities:

  • Solar Absorber: Superman, a native of the planet Krypton, lived in exile and spent 15,000 years inside the sun, where he developed the power to absorb radiation and become stronger. The crimson sunshine, however, will disperse all the strength and render Superman helpless.
  • Superpowers: Can lift weights equivalent to Earth’s weight (about 5 million billion billion tons) for 5 days straight. It can blow a galaxy away with a sneeze, can break diamonds with a single blow, etc.
  • Super Speed: Superman can move, run, and fly at incredible speeds, but his true speed is impossible to gauge. Superman can travel faster than the speed of light by 2 minutes to the moon and 8 minutes to the sun.
  • Super Intelligence: Superman’s intelligence is thousands of years ahead of that of people on Earth in terms of technology since he is the offspring of a great scientist from one of the most evolved cultures in the cosmos. Superman’s brain is more powerful than a supercomputer’s. It can read and comprehend all medical literature in under five minutes; it also speaks numerous languages with ease.
  • Additionally, Superman has the ability to see across time. And while his brain can control others, his lips may impair memory.

Superman’s Weaknesses:

Superman is susceptible to magic and crystals made of Kryptonite. Superman is a superhero with unrivaled power, yet he cannot defend himself against magical attacks. It almost completely loses potency when in the vicinity of a Kryptonite crystal.

Supergirl Coloring Pages:

Supergirl still draws attention as one of the remarkable female superhero images in DC comics and movies, despite being considered a Superman spin-off character. And Supergirl is said to be Superman’s cousin on the planet Krypton in the original.

Her parents sent her to Earth after her country was invaded. But the rocket transporting her was snagged by a Kryptonite asteroid, delaying her arrival until her cousin became Superman.

Who is Supergirl?

Kara was born and reared by her parents Zor’el (Superman’s uncle) and Alura in the city of Argo, not on the planet Krypton. Argo was fortunate enough to escape when the homeworld was destroyed, the meteorite bearing its name was still soaring in the skies. And its inhabitants were still subsisting on food and an air force generator.

However, they later learned that the planet’s core is unstable and radioactive, which is why the ground underneath Argo is turning into green Kryptonite and endangering everyone’s lives. Fortunately, a unique metal that shields radiation was wrapped around the entire meteorite by the renowned scientist Zor’el, ensuring that humanity could live.

The couple’s situation improved, they met their reproductive duties, and after 9 months and 10 days of pregnancy, Kara Zor’el was born. But as fate would have it, a meteor shower and a compromised radioactive covering decimate the metropolis.

Zor’el, who is devastated, races to build a rocket to save his teenage daughter before Kryptonite poisons the environment. When Kara and her mother meet Sip via the spacetime hologram, Sip sews a small outfit for her daughter with the same emblem as Superman. And bids her farewell, and sends her into space while sobbing.

When Sup learned about the plane disaster on a gorgeous day, he ran to see Kara. Sup is overjoyed when Kara tells her cousin the tale. She’s leveled up too much, working hard to travel to the mountains to harvest more to acquire experience. And Sup says as Kara tries to accompany him on his superhero adventures. Living in the Midvale Orphanage under the careful supervision of Kal, Kara spends her middle years as an orphan while using the alias Linda Lee.

Supergirl Coloring Pages

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Supergirl’s Powers:

This character has virtually boundless power, just like Superman. She has the ability to travel at the speed of light and burn anything with her heat-emitting eyes. Her combat prowess is even regarded by certain DC characters as being more deadly than Superman’s.

  • Possesses all of Superman’s superpowers, including close-up breath, heat vision, X-vision, and unbreakable skin (complete armor).
  • There is also a period on New Earth when the body is capable of producing Sunstone Kryptonite.
  • On Prime-Earth (new 52), it is possible to discharge energy.


Hopefully, through this article, you have understood more about the two characters Superman and Supergirl. Visit now to download the latest Superman coloring sheets and Supergirl coloring sheets! Thanks for reading!

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