If you have been seeking an exotic European vacation getaway, how about touring places in eastern France? It is filled with many quaint villages and picturesque small towns. And lovely ancient cities that reveal a charming life and also have relics of bygone times, even up to the Roman era. There are many lush vineyards in this region where you can enjoy the delicious local wine. And small eateries where the best local delicacies are served.

As you cover many important places, you will come across breathtaking medieval castles that will make you feel as if you have stepped into the world of fairy tales. Make an Air France booking from a metropolis in your location or your country’s capital to Paris. From here you can book any tour package that will take you on a weeklong or ten-day tour across eastern France.

Some places that you must explore:


How about visiting the beautiful city of Metz, known for its lovely century-old buildings and museums, which house some of the most fascinating artworks? Explore its promenades and gardens to enjoy its exotic natural beauty. If you make a trip to the exciting Musee de la Cour d’Or, you will get an educational tour through its artifacts that take you from the time of the Romans up to the Renaissance.


Dole is a beautiful French city located along the Collegiale Notre Dame de Dole. If you love natural walks, be sure to make a trip along the Canal des Tanneurs! Those who love history should visit the city’s museum, which showcases some stunning Roman artifacts and is free to enter.


The city of Macon beckons people from all over the world with its cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring. Make a visit to the ruins of the ancient Saint Vincent Cathedral, which is a stunning sight. Indulge yourself in the many delightful wines produced here and make a trip to the Museum of Fine Art to relish some really stunning artworks.


Chatel is the city that adventurers go to when they want to enjoy exciting sporting activities. Get the action going by indulging in mountain biking and hiking. What is unique about this place is its cheese variety, which is delightful to taste along with wine. The trip here is incomplete without a visit to the lovely Saint-Laurent Church.

Evian Les Bains

Evian Les Bains is a lovely small town known for its spas, which have arisen largely due to the medicinal properties of its unique Evian water. During the winter, it transforms into an exciting place where people come to enjoy skiing.


You will find the city of Vienna to be quite mesmerizing with its ancient Roman ruins. In fact, one such ruin is an amphitheater that had the capacity to seat 10,000 spectators. Yet another unique place to see is the Augustus temple, which was transformed into a church. Check out the stunning Saint Roman-en-gal and Chateau de la Batie, both of which display splendid architectural features.


The village of Besançon which stands on a loop of the River Daub. It has some very quaint houses that connect with one another through an outer staircase. You can get a panoramic view of the entire place from Fort Bregille, a massive citadel that sits on a rock. At the Museum of Time, you can see the traditional method of clock-making. Make a visit to the Saint Jean Cathedral, which was built during the medieval period. And showcases the works of the Renaissance artist Fra Bartolomeo.


Ornans Village is yet another beautiful place that must be explored for its chic, old-time houses. You can come across many mills and tanneries as you tour it. And when you stop over at the imposing Château de Cléron, you will get the chance to explore beautiful gardens. Make a visit to the Gustave Corbett Museum, where you can see many beautiful artworks.


Through an Air France booking, you will enjoy a comfortable flight journey to Paris, where you can spend two days exploring key tourist locations. During this time, book a package that takes you across important locations. And enables you to enjoy the essence of this romantic region, which is a mix of typical French lifestyle and unique German influences.

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