I’m sure you’ll feel like you are out of this world. Your perspective in life would be different and your paradigm shifts to the greater good. You will learn to be happy and adopt a new culture. Simply, by mangling with the people around you. You’ll eventually find the answer that you seek in the meaning of happiness. Therefore, you wish would stay there forever.

It isn’t surprising because we all want to be happy. Thus, we seek to be around those who are happier than us as they say happiness is contagious.

Some claim that the world’s happiest country is Bhutan. It’s hidden away in the Hymailah mountain. It is also isolated from the world. Bhutan is close to Mountain Everest which is known as the uttermost peak in the world. It’s an eco-friendly environment because it makes 3 times more oxygen than it needs. In fact, there are only two countries that produce more Oxygen than it consumes out of 195 countries. The second country is Suriname.

You can find Bhutan somewhere between China and India. It is below the surface; therefore, the atmospheric pressure is high. However, if you look at every nook and cranny in the country, you will see nature in every corner. You can seek fulfillment and practice solitude in this beautiful country that surely can take your breath away.  

An interesting fact about Bhutan: one thing is known about the country is that it has the largest buddha status in the world. It stands tall up to 210 feet. Amazing is not. 

Travel tip: you must have a travel guide if you want to roam around the country. You cannot visit it alone.

Why is Bhutan called the world’s happiest country? 

If you ever visit this Bhutan, you will hear about the Gross National Happiness Philosophy(GNH).  It is a balance between economic and spiritual enlightenment. They believe that it should be equally among each citizen within a country. Therefore, they all are spiritually and economically satisfied. This is how happiness spread among individuals. In another word, there are no poor within a society.

GHN And How They Measure Happiness (9 Domains):

1. Mental wellness.

2. High Standard of Living

3. Good Law

4. Good Health

5. Good Education

6. Community Vitality

7. Cultural Diversity and Resilience

8. Balanced Time Use (good habits)

9. Ecological Diversity

What Makes Them Happy?

The people of Bhutan are friendly and open-minded. They practice being happy and do the reason that makes them happy. It is something that we all need to learn and practice on a daily bases. Plus, education and school are free. Therefore, the opportunity after graduating is spread equally among individuals. Everyone has the chance to be what they want if they put in the effort.

In fact, the study shows most of our stress in life is due to the lack of money. Most of the stress can be resolved if we have the money to do what we want and need. Bhutan is able to provide that to their citizen. Thus, they are stress-free.

Safety and justice are other factors that Bhutan is able to provide to its residents. No poor means no thief. Another reason is that people are connected and know each other’s well, which creates harmony among each other. The third reason is due to leadership that encourages and educates safety and justice. 

As a matter of fact, the poverty rate in Bhutan, it’s only 11.9. And it is expected to reach zero in a year. In the past 3 years, the poverty rate had been reduced by 23.5 percent. In 2013, Bhutan is expected to be poverty free. 

What is the lesson learned from Bhutan?

To have a safe country, you have to educate people and provide for their basic needs, such as shelter, food, and health wellbeing. It is important to educate and teach them how to be happy and get people connected. Bhutan attends to practice all that in their system, the Gross National Happiness Philosophy(GNH). In phycology, it is known as the hierarchy of needs. This is why Bhutan is known as the world’s happiest country.

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