We people always want to watch sci-fi as well as action movies. In the 90’s there were so many movies made on the basis of drama and other categories. Only few movies based on sci-fi and Gayniggers from Outer Space is the blaxploitation short and space movie 1992 which is directed by the famous Danish performance artiste Morten Lindberg. The movie is a caricature of the science fiction genus. The movie is just a parody of other Hollywood space movies from that decade. Too many people around the world came to know about the movie when few redditors tweeted that they should not search Space movie from 1992 on Google. Actually it was just a scam to fool people for searching the words. However, this trend formed a swirl in Reddit.

Therefore, the story of this movie is about outer space where they try to build a planet with free men from dominating women. And they were trying to build a homosexual society. Thus, the movie belongs to sci-fi, gay and comedy genre. In this article you will get all the details about 1992 space movie

What is the Space movie 1992?

The answer to the question of what space movie came out in 1992 is Gayniggers from Outer Space which is a sci-fi, comedy and blaxploitation short movie. This mind blowing sci-fi movie was directed by the famous director Morten Lindberg where Lamont Sanford and Dino Raymon Hansan were the producers. The great story was written by the famous writer Per Kristensen and Morten Lindberg as well. The 26 minutes movie was released in1992 in Denmak in English language. The movie based on the extraterrestrial beings journey the whole galaxy and space to be the free men called “oppressed” by women to build way  for the entirely homosexual society. The movie not only hit the box office but also got 6.0 rating in imdb and also received so many positive reviews by critics.

Plot of Space movie from 1992:

The movie follows a collection of intergalactic or space gay Black guys from the Anus planet, who find out the attendance of woman creatures on the Earth planet. by rayguns, they continue to remove women one after the other from Earth planet, eliciting appreciation from the formerly oppressed male inhabitants. Before send-off the planet earth, they depart in the back of the “Gay Ambassador” for teaching the Earthlings approximately their new manner of life. The movie starts in black & white but afterward turns to colour just like the Wizard of OZ movie. The director found out that he delivered this contact within the movie for dramatic impact to reveal how the sector receives free of oppressive women.

Cast of the 1992 space movie:

A blockbuster movie always made with fabulous acting and directing. The major reason of the success of the Space movie 1992 is its tremendous acting casts such as:

  • Coco P. Dalbert played the role of ArmInAss
  • Tony Thomas played the role of White Gay Ambassador
  • Johnny Conny  played the role of Black Gay Ambassador
  • Konrad Fields  played the role of Mr. Schwul
  • Gbartokai Dakinah played the role of Shaved Balls
  • Gerald F. Hail played the role of D. Ildo
  • Sammy Saloman played the role of captain B. Dick

There are many other stars who also did mind blowing acting in the movie and made the movie the best 1992 space movie of that time.

Why don’t we search “What space movie came out in 1992” on google:

On 4th December 2020 the host and co host of Joe Rogan Experience, Brian Redban tweeted that don’t google the space movie 1992. The 26 brief movie highlighted by Stockholm queer film festival 2006 is represented as the comedic clique apex pick by IMDB fans.

Ailing Redditors have informed humans now no longer to Google “space movie 1992” in an offer to scam them right into a racist funny story. The appalling strive at comedy commenced circulating at the dialogue platform Reddit, earlier than spreading throughout social media as well as turning into one in every of Google’s pinnacle autofill suggestions.

The funny story has persisted to unfold throughout social media platforms as merciless pranksters try. And surprise unsuspecting net customers with the racialist remark. The ultra-modern thread regarding the film became titled, “I become informed to google area film 1992 and become now no longer disappointed,” and published on 3rd February. Other Reddit customers flooded the remarks, amused with the aid of using the funny story and flattering the movie – at the same time as a few took the possibility to publish vile abuse. Innumerable memes have been on the grounds that have been formed of the suppression, which commenced to benefit traction on Facebook and Twitter.

How did people receive the movie?

This sci-fi flick movie follows a collection of intergalactic gay black guys from Anus planets. Which go to Earth to destroy the woman populace and make an all male homosexual society. The movie lends its name starting with “Grave Robbers from Outer Space”, the authentic identity of the famous 1959 horror film, “Plan nine from Outer Space”. However, The intention of 1992 movie have lengthy been doubtful. As visitors query whether or not it’s miles racist along with homophobic instead of a innocent spoof.

The movie changed into categorized as a homosexual film. Many white boys favored the movie as they desired the idea of blaxploitation. Additional, this movie changed into used as a marketing campaign with the aid of using the troll institution. At the net referred to as Gay Nigger Association of America in year of 2000. But these days many Reddit customers query whether or not the movie is a caricature or it’s far a homophobic and bigoted movie. From 2020 a lot of humans commenced to talk about the diverse elements of the movie. Many jokes also are spreading on social media about the movie. There are limitless memes about the movie too.

Why is the movie under scrutiny?

Many humans are amused with the aid of using the jokes in the movie. But often there is poor feedback about it. Many suppose that the movie is making a laugh of homosexual humans. Furthermore, there are plenty of awful matters stated about ladies within the movie. Then those extraterrestrials are proven as black-men. Similarly, many subjects within the movie are mentioned on social media. Like this, the movie has gotten the eye of several communities. Many request others to look for 1992 space movies in Google. Then they may get the effects and watch the movie. After watching the movie a few humans sense that the movie is racist. Initially, the scam on Reddit commenced as a gag. But it unfolds throughout social media and has become a pinnacle auto-fill proposal in Google.

 However, the intentions of the movie are taken into consideration doubtful. It is classified that it isn’t always most effective a caricature of area movies. However a movie which makes a laugh of many matters. One can locate many gay with racial jokes within the movie. How many merciless pranksters use the movie to throw racialist jokes on different humans. Many Twitter customers are flattering the movie, understanding its plot.


The movie was portrayed as the “queer interest Dutch B film in the hyper transgressive tradition of John Water” plus the movie is also capable to engage the audience of white men who liked blaxploitation concept. This is the only movie which was used within a recruiting program by internet troll team GNAA in the 2000s.

Cultural references:

However, the movie begins in the black and white and then turns to the color in a way similar to the wizard of Oz. The perspective of the director of the movie was the dramatic extraordinary effect to exemplify a world being free from ferocious women.

Reviews and ratings:

It is the best Space movie from 1992 which got too many positive reviews and ratings at that time. In today’s generation the movie is loved by so many people around the world. The movie got 6.0 Imdb ratings with 93 positive reviews. Not only this but also the movie loved by 7 various critics such as down among z movies, EI Gore, YouTube, Uncut.dk, the internet is in America, Ashley clark, MikeyMo. You can also watch the movie on any online platform such as YouTube, Amazon Prime or Netflix and judge how great the movie is.

Other information:

The science fiction Flick Space movie 1992 follows a congregation of the intergalactic gay people of color from Asus planet. Who visits the planet earth for clearing out the women populace as well as makes a society of entire male gay. The movie loans the name to the “Grave Robbers from Outer Space” which is the 1st title of thriller movie of 1959, “Plan 9 from Outer Space”

However, there always are some questions raised for the 1992 film’s expectations as viewers questioned whether it’s homophobic and bigoted instead of innocuous parody. Recently in the social media there was a joke got viral that is don’t Google Space movie from 1992 as merciless tricksters Endeavour for stunning clueless web users with bigoted comment.


The 1992 space movie is a movie which didn’t have too much consequence on the viewers at the time of releasing the movie in 1992. However, in today’s time it became the subject of lots of discussions. The movie has led to lots of opinions about homophobia and racism.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. What space movie came out in 1992?

Ans: Gayniggers from Outer Space Is the Space movie 1992.

Q. Where can I watch the movie?

Ans: You can watch the movie on any online platform such as youTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Q. Why don’t we search space movie 1992 on google?

Ans: In 2020 Brian Redban said on twitter not to search 1992 space movie on Google. Actually it’s just a trick to bring the keyword on Google.

Q. What is the story of the movie?

Ans: It is a sci-fi, comedy movie where gay people from Asus planet came Earth.

Q. Is it a sci-fi movie?

Ans: Yes, it is a sci-fi comedy movie.