We have already presented SharePoint, the next step is to describe its architecture. We often hear about farms, site collections, and Active Directory, but how do these elements work together? Simply put, SharePoint farms are a collection of servers that work together to support a site with SharePoint Consulting Company. There are three types of servers: web front-end servers (WFE), application servers, and database (SQL) servers.

Front-end web servers

Web front ends (WFEs) handle user requests to web pages. So every time a user opens a SharePoint page in a browser, that request is processed by a WFE server. If there are multiple WFE servers, a network load balancer is used to distribute requests between them. So, this allows businesses to adapt their SharePoint environments as needed. The greater the number of users, the greater the number of WFE servers required to handle the loads as the environment and user needs grow.

Application servers

An application server is a computer that provides key infrastructure and services for applications hosted by the company’s SharePoint farm(s). This often means that the server has assigned to run applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and access, index, or search services.

Database servers (SQL)

An SQL server is a database server based on SQL (Structured Query Language). This language is specifically designed to manage data in a relational database management system, a SharePoint farm in this case.

Now that you know how SharePoint collections interact, it’s time to look at the differences between an individual farm and multiple farms!

Individual Farm / Multiple Farms

An individual farm is made up of a group of servers that interact in a hierarchical system to provide services and content. In the case of SharePoint, this individual farm environment consists of WFE servers, application servers, and SQL servers. With an individual farm, you will benefit from a solid base of services and as many databases, web applications, and site collections as you want.

Multiple farms are made up of service farms, My Site farms, and content farms that can only perform certain services or functions. So, this architecture allows enterprises to have specific services to meet their scalability, functionality, and strategy requirements.

If a company chooses a multi-farm architecture, it should have several administrators to manage them. This is essential if the company has several departments or if it is present in several countries or regions subject to specific rules. In this case, a multi-truss architecture should be used if necessary despite its greater complexity. These multiple environments will require greater administration and control.

For example, if a company XY has branches in several countries and collects, manages, or generates data, there may specific data protection laws that must be observed in each country.

To this end, Company XY can create multiple farms that are country-specific and designed to be technically compliant with local rules while ensuring the company has a consistent approach to managing the SharePoint environment for end users. . This will make it easier for XY to adapt to regulations and rules in each region, including data protection requirements, as well as ensure a consistent user experience for all of its employees.

Microsoft SharePoint

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