A web-based workforce management system created specifically for healthcare facilities is called UPMC Shift Select. UPMC Shift Select helps in easy hiring.  It provides a single platform for several tasks like time tracking or attendance. One of the top nonprofit health institutions in the United States and a $19 billion integrated global health company, UPMC, uses UPMC Shift Select.

The features and advantages of UPMC, as well as some practical advice for use, will all be covered in this blog post. UPMC Shift Select can assist you in streamlining your workday to increase productivity and job satisfaction, whether you are an employee or a manager.


The features of UPMC Shift Select are widely popular among users for their beneficial nature. Some of the top features are listed below:

Shift Selection

You can view and choose from among the available shifts based on your interests and qualifications. Also, you can look for shifts by date, time, place, and position type. You can narrow your search depending on the requirements for open shifts, which include minimum weekly hours worked.

Shift Swapping:

You can trade shifts with coworkers with the same credentials and availability. You can ask for a shift exchange or accept one from another worker. Additionally, you can reject or cancel a shift exchange offer.

Shift Bidding:

Managers will publish open shifts for which you can submit a bid. The manager will choose the best bid based on the amount you indicate you are ready to accept for the shift. You can check the bid’s progress and cancel if you want to.

Time and Attendance:

You may clock in and out of your shifts using a computer or a mobile device. You can examine your timecard and make any necessary corrections.

Staffing Management

You can see your department’s or unit’s personnel needs and gaps. Also, you can assign your personnel to shifts based on their credentials and skill sets. You can also contact your workers and remind them of their upcoming shifts.


Both managers and employees can take advantage of UPMC Shift Select’s many advantages. Among the key advantages are:


You can select your shifts following your preferences and availability. Also, you can switch shifts if you have any scheduling difficulties on the job or in your personal life. You can bid on shifts with a better payout or longer hours.


You may view the demand for shifts in real-time and their availability. Additionally, you can view the pay scales and rewards for various shifts. You can view your peers’ and managers’ comments and evaluations.


You can save time and effort by using UPMC Shift Select to organize your shifts. The automatic time and attendance system will also help decrease mistakes and discrepancies. If you work on your desired shift, it will help you work with a free mind and efficiently.


Greater autonomy and control over your work schedule might boost your contentment and engagement. Selecting shifts that support your professional and personal objectives will also help you achieve a better work-life balance. Additionally, you can advance your professional development by taking on shifts that provide possibilities for learning and development.

Guidelines for Effective Use:

Following these pointers can help you get the most out of UPMC Shift Select:

Create a profile:

On UPMC Shift Select, you can make a profile highlighting your abilities, credentials, and preferences. Additionally, you can upload your credentials and résumé. You can use this to look for and apply for shifts that fit your profile.

Update your availability:

On UPMC Shift Select, you can frequently update your availability. You can also choose the days and hours you want to work. You’ll be able to receive notifications and alerts about jobs that suit your availability by doing this.

Check the app frequently:

You can download and frequently check the app on your smartphone. Email alerts and push notifications are both options. This will assist you in staying informed and up to date with posted, swapped, or offered shifts.

Be proactive:

Utilise UPMC Shift Select to be proactive and show initiative. You can look up and apply for shifts that catch your eye. You can also bid on open shifts or trade shifts with other employees. This will enable you to acquire the shifts you want and raise your likelihood of employment4.

Be flexible

On UPMC Shift Select, you may be adaptable and versatile. You can be flexible about your shifts, places, and jobs. You can also be prepared to work overtime or on short notice. This way, you can get more exposure along with promotion and a decent payout.

How to Sign Up for UPMC Shift Select?

You must first register for an account if you want to use UPMC Shift Select. These steps can be used to register:

  • Open the UPMC Shift Select website.
  • Click the “Register” button on the page’s upper right corner.
  • Enter your name, email address, phone number, employee ID, and work title. Also, add any personal and professional details required.
  • Create a username and password.
  • Accept UPMC Shift Select’s terms of service and privacy statement.
  • Tap on the “Submit” button to complete your registration.
  • A confirmation email with a link to activate your account will be sent to you.

You may organize your shifts and use your work schedule best with the effective and practical UPMC Shift Select tool. It offers various benefits and features that can improve your adaptability, effectiveness, and enjoyment. It provides some advice and strategies to help you scale on UPMC Shift Select. 


Managers and employees of UPMC can register for UPMC Shift Select and use it right away12. If you have any queries or problems, contact the customer service team. It is a fantastic approach to improve the quality and quantity of your work while streamlining your healthcare personnel.