Women are running fast overpowering male competitors in different areas. The tough tug-of-war and rivalry compel them to work hard. Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra, and other elegant female executives have proved their talent. They are examples of Generation Z category teens who want to be successful in their respective domains. Despite obstacles and social obligations, these jewels have reached their target successfully. As a female entrepreneur, Nicole outperforms her rivals. Same way, Marry Barra has established herself by showcasing her entrepreneurial expertise and razor-sharp leadership quality. 

A Rising Star in IT Industry – Nicole Junkermann

With great expectation, Nicole Junkermann started from the beginning after completing schooling. This German-born lady grew up in Marbella. Her indefatigable energy and unbroken confidence turbocharged her to turn the world. When she was an adolescent girl, she liked to dream of becoming a powerful woman in the universe. She had an interest in business management, gaming software, and advanced technology. 

 A Woman of Excellence 

She founded Winamax – a top online virtual gaming platform. It brought a handful of accolades, and credits to her. It is her first business venture and she knew how to handle rough and tough situations boldly. Later, she moved for establishing another business conglomerate in unison with co-investors. The outcome was her brilliant achievement in launching a Sports and Media company. The mobility and dynamism energized this female entrepreneur to lead the IT industry. She does not learn to backtrack in despair. The young generation should emulate her formula on how to manage business online for revenue-generating. 

A Brave Female Entrepreneur and Philanthropist 

Nicole experienced a sudden change because of technological advancement. The entry of the internet seems to have given a new shape to the conventional business setup. Her emotional attachment to the online gaming world enabled this female executive to find unknown verticals to explore. It is not the end but the start giving her new inspiration and energy. The latest update is that she operates NJF Holdings as a superior head. In addition, she has also worked as a director of Trilantic Europe and Owkin. She is a modest elite entrepreneur. However, she has sweet humanity and love for the deprived community. She contributed her earnings to the development of the Latin American Acquisition Committee located at the Tat Americas Foundation. 

A Powerful Woman with High Ambition 

Nicole nestles her high ambition. She is also much pragmatic to make everything possible. Therefore, she is known as one of the stylish dynamic female entrepreneurs. She is not a sorcerer or a magician. Her formula is that a person should work hard to escalate in his professional or academic domain. She is strategic to design her life. This woman has both wealth and honor. So, the whole nation is proud of having such an elegant entrepreneur in the 21st century. 

Nicole Junkermann Quick Info

Name:Nicole Junkermann
Famous for:Founder of NJF Holdings
Profession:International Investor and Entrepreneur
Age:42 years old (as of 2022)
Birthplace:Dusseldorf, Germany
Parents:Heinz Junkermann (Father) & Ingrid Junkermann (Mother)
Siblings:Sig Hansen, Norman Hansen
Husband:Brachetti Peretti
Children:Stephanie, Erik, and Logan

Another Maverick Female Profile – Mary Barra

Mary Barra has everything which is needed for having success in the professional arena. She graduated in electric engineering but she chose business management. To become a self-reliant and independent woman, Mary Barra began her career as an investor. The door was not closed on her face. She used every single opportunity to expand her small size company. Steadily, she rose higher with a lot of ambitions and desires to dominate the global industry. Her short business profile is much envious of others. This American entrepreneur holds a prestigious portfolio as CEO of General Motors since 2014. She is considered to be the first successful female CEO of a top automaker. Way back in 2016, this female CEO got $2 million – her base pay scale. Besides, she earned stocks valued at $13 million. Apart from these earnings, she received another $6.7 million as compensation. 

Top Facts about Mary Barra 

  • Barra – the only female CEO of General Motors – one of the top three automakers
  • Barra poured billions of dollars into self-driving, rideshare service, and automobile engineering field 
  • She is an honest bold executive who has not fallen into the traps of gender inequality. Her salary was not much different from male CEOs. 

Mary Barra – An Innovative Female Entrepreneur 

Mary Barra has broken stereotyped conventional ethics and customs. She is not a simple married woman who is responsible to take care of her family members. Instead, this gorgeous businesswoman has shown her bravery. As a result, she has emerged as the world-famous CEO of the best automaker. However, at the same time, she transfers her hard-earned dollars to rehab the underprivileged class. As a result, she is dear to over a million people who like this lady for her awe-inspiring contribution. 

Mary Barra – A Different Female Profile

Those who do not dare to do something special should take Barra as an example. She changed her life totally after reaching adulthood. Her educational background is connected with technology. She is much more advanced and upgraded compared with her mates. Therefore, from the very beginning, she tried to remodel her future by being all-in-one. This powerful maverick technocrat initiated herself into the task of constructing her business on a strong foundation. So, she never felt disappointed and out of spirit. Overpowering all obstacles, she was able to satisfy herself by becoming an honorable businesswoman. She improved her communication system to form a new community. So, her network with the business world blooms putting her in the orbit of top female investors in the world.

Mary Barra Quick Info

Name:Mary Teresa Makela
Popular for:CEO of General Motors
Profession:Business Executive
Age:60 years old (as of 2022)
Birthplace: Royal Oak, Michigan, U. S
Husband:Anthony Barra
Children:Rachel Barra, Nicholas Barra
Siblings:Paul Makela
Education:Waterford Mott High School, Kettering University (BS) &
Stanford University(MBA)


Today, there is no gap between men and women. If any girl gets equal rights and opportunities, she can be a topper in her career. Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra are bright women in 2022. They have crossed barriers and hurdles to being billionaires. Their innovative business strategies, and awesome intuition. And entrepreneurial skills made it easy for them to have success in the long run. Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra both are powerful women examples nowadays.

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1. Why Mary Barra Nicole Junkermann is famous in the global industry?

Ans: Mary Barra is a successful American businesswoman and the first female CEO of General Motors since 2014.

Nicole Junkermann is an international investor and entrepreneur. She is the founder of NJF Holdings and also founded a virtual gaming platform named Winamax.

2. What is the birth date of Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra?

Ans: The date of birth of Nicole Junkermann is 27th April 1980. So, she is now 42 years old(as of 2022).

The date of birth of Mary Barra is 24th December 1961. So, she is now 60 years old(as of 2022).

3. Are Nicole Junkermann and Mary barra married?

Ans: Yes both are married. Mary barra married Tony Barra and Nicole Junkermann married Ferdinando Brachetti.

4. What is the nationality of Nicole Junkermann Mary Barra?

Ans: The nationality of Nicole Junkermann is German and the nationality of Mary Barra is American.