Nowadays there is a question in everyone’s mouth: who is Stephen Laine? How is he related to the death of famous basketball player Kobe Bryant? However, he is a well-known entrepreneur and stepfather of the famous model Vanessa Bryant. Stephen is always a well-thought-out, controversial personality on social media.

He was in the controversy after he divorced Venessa’s Mom in the early 2000s and remained closer with Vanessa. 73 years old Stephen was born in 1949 and notes to Christianity with ethnicity Caucasian. Stephen Laine’s nationality is American as he was brought up in the US.

Who is Stephen Laine?

Stephen Laine is of famous and retired inventory manager of an American food company. The 73(As of 2022) years old Laine Stephen was born in the year of 1949 in the United States. He belongs to the Christian religion.

He became famous as the stepfather of the famous model as well as Instagram celebrity Venessa Bryant. Stephen was against the marriage of Kobe & Venessa and declared his daughter a gold digger. However, he viewed the marriage as a hurried decision as Venessa was just 17 years old at the time of marriage.

On January 26, 2020, both Kobe Bryant and Giana died in a helicopter crash where 8 other people were found dead including the pilot in the accident spot.

Stephen Laine Quick Info:

Name:Stephen Laine
Age (As of 2022):73
Ethnicity:Multiracial Caucasian
Profession:Former Inventory American Manager In A Food Company
Material Status:Married
Parents:Father Name: Not Known
Mother Name: Not Known
Highest Qualification:Graduate
School:High School
Famous For:Father of Vanessa Bryant
Hometown:Los Angeles, California, USA

Childhood and early life:

However, in his childhood, Laine suffered from several financial crises as his mother and father worked in a factory and it was difficult to fulfill all his needs. He even completed his education through online sites or videos. After that, he did several odd jobs for getting money.

Professional life & career:

Stephen is a former center manager of a food company which is located in the US. Moreover, he is disreputable for supporting some community works. He is the stepfather of the famous model Venessa. Meanwhile, he called Venessa a gold digger when she married Kobe. There is nothing but about his career and professional life but he was in the limelight when his son-in-law and granddaughter died in a helicopter crash.

Stephen Laine’s personal life and Family:

Stephen Laine and Sofia both were working where he worked as manager of a food company. The couple got married though Sofia was 10 years older than Stephen. After marriage, he took the responsibility for Venessa and gave all his love and support to her. Moreover, before the marriage, Sofia was a single mom and took care of 2 beautiful daughters Sofie and Venessa.

At the age of 3, Venessa witnessed the divorce of Sofia and her father. When she was 18 and her sister was 8 years old, Sofia got married to Laine but he never adopted Venessa officially. However, Venessa used her stepfather’s title instead of her biological father’s and even changed her title in school.

Stephen lived in Garden Grove with the whole family in California nevertheless after they relocated to Laine’s address in Huntington Beach. And there Venessa started her schooling at Marina High School where Stephen’s nieces Sasha and Laila also went.

According to Sasha and Laila, both Sofia and Stephen Laine are breeding both daughters in the sheltered house.

The lawsuit against his daughter Vanessa:

Sofia met Stephen and married him without judging Stephen Laine nationality. Sofia already had kids from her preceding dating and one in every one of her daughters. So, Stephen has become the stepfather. Recently the circle of relatives was embroiled in the emotional drama afterward the deaths of Kobe Bryant & Gianna. Sophia prosecuted her daughter demanding that she isn’t giving her $five million for operating as her private assistant & nanny to their daughters. Many human beings took into consideration this assertion very harshly due to the fact she is waiting for cash from the bereavement dowager. Stephen Laine is also helping his spouse and he is unfluctuating known as his stepdaughter the gold digger. He stated that she got too domesticated at some point and stated that he no longer needed to signal a prenup because of the fact he loves her.

Consistent with the lawsuit both charged towards Vanessa they may be demanding that Kobe Bryant has promised for paying them and contend with them financially. Nonetheless, Vanessa isn’t accepting their declarations. She is likewise combating allowing all people to understand that her dad and mom are deceitful. The insensitive movements of the dad and mom have led to quite a few backlashes

Financial crisis:

On the 18th birthday of Venessa, Kobe introduced his engagement. Nonetheless, at that point, Vanessa’s own circle of relatives had been going through a difficult monetary crisis. Two years earlier than the engagement, Sophia stopped her task. She additionally agonized from a returned harm that made her look for an extra appropriate task difficult. Just every week after an assertion of their engagement, Laine’s own circle of relatives went into insolvency. The dating between Vanessa and Kobe made headlines which gave her a reputation that adapted her existence

Kobe’s financial help to Stephen Laine:

After this intense monetary disaster, Sofia needs financial guidance from Venessa. She gave the assertion in the courtroom docket & stated she merits guide. Vanessa declares that Venessa is eagerly pitched up to contribute to her father and mother by providing them occasional substances however she can be able to now no more do prearranged

A harsh divorce:

Sofia & Stephen went thru a difficult divorce in the course of Kobe’s rape custodies. Stephen Laine and Sofia went separate ways after almost 13 years of official marriage. This turned problematic for Vanessa due to the fact she turned going thru her husband’s community rape experiment in 2003. Meanwhile, Sofia displayed a difficult spirit whilst she informed the media and said they don’t upkeep what others speak in the vertebral of them and feature a sturdy conviction. In 2011, whilst Kobe & Vanessa had been progressing closer to divorce, Stephen gave out a few desire phrases which were all around the media.

Moreover, she can be able to receive a commission for existence or till she once more marries somebody. He introduced that that is what Vanessa’s mom has achieved for him. A quantity of 1900 USD has to be paid closer to his ex-spouse. His private opinion turned into that uncertainty as the divorce by Kobe continued, both Vanessa and Sofia being pretty wealthy plus he now no more desires to ship the cash. After the divorce, Laine once more was married and commenced to have a circle of relatives. Stephan feels that alimony should assist her 6-year-vintage daughter with better education.

Net worth:

The net worth of Stephen Laine is US$500,000 and has a home in LA, California. However, there are no updates on how much money he earned or from where he worked in a food company as a manager.

From Venessa’s perspective, her stepfather and mother were asking Kobe for money. Venessa and Kobe gave them $5 million.

Social Media:

Laine is one of the popular personalities who don’t like to be in any limelight or controversy. Meanwhile, he always tries to circumvent the media wherever he is spotted.


One of the greatest things about Stephen Laine that’s not known if he was never backward to helping people with community facilities work. He never wanted any media conferences but being Venessa’s father he said a few quirky statements and came into the limelight. Over the 73 years, old Stephen is strong enough and still, he is Venessa’s father no matter what he spoke in the media.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Stephen Laine?

Stephen Laine is a center manager of an American food company and is also known as the stepfather of famous model Venessa Bryant.

What is his nationality of him?

Stephen Laine’s nationality is American and he belongs to the Christian religion.

How does he connect with Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant is the son-in-law of Laine as Venessa married Kobe.

Why does Stephen call Venessa a gold digger?

At the age of 17, Venessa married Kobe and Laine was against the marriage and called Venessa a gold digger.

What is the body measurement of Stephen?

His height is 5’7’’ and his weight is 73 kg.