One of the cornerstones to success in any field, whether landscaping, software, digital marketing or anything else, is standing out. In the highly competitive world of landscaping, some businesses invest hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in marketing. Although we’d all like to assume that our excellent work would guarantee repeat business, ongoing promotion is required. Thus, landscape estimating software can be useful in both helping you sell your company more successfully and improving your billing so that the marketing is profitable.

In the landscaping sector, a good job starts with a precise estimate. You might not receive the job if your estimates are excessively high or fat. You may win the contract if they’re too low or too tight, but you won’t profit from it. In other words, your business is in danger if you don’t have a reliable estimation system.

Landscape businesses frequently carelessly approach estimates for such a crucial step in the process. Luckily, estimating now has the framework to provide visibility into gross profit per project and, eventually, increased net profit thanks to landscape business management software designed exclusively for landscapers.

Why Estimating Software May Give Your Company An Edge In Winning Jobs:

Removing Misunderstandings And Errors

Numerous landscaping contractors use standard estimation techniques. They might make their own Excel spreadsheet or checklist. As a result, there is a lot of subjectivity and variety in the estimates, and specifics are lost.

For instance, two estimators can produce two entirely different results. That might not be a big matter if the owner is performing all the estimating for a small business. However, when the owner starts handing out the estimating role without a reliable system, problems start to appear. Earnings and growth may suffer. The landscape estimating program creates profitable bids utilizing templates and basic terms for your business.

For instance, you would include the necessary materials for the task if you needed to plant one 2-inch tree. The prepopulated labor and materials, including the tree, the suitable number of tree stakes, a certain quantity of mulch, fertilizer, compost, and the appropriate number of labor hours, are automatically taken into account by the kit.

With the help of estimation software, you may avoid starting from scratch with each proposal, ensuring that all the data is considered and monitoring your progress toward a target gross profit per task.

Developing A Precise Price

Pricing comes after the fundamentals—material, labor, equipment, and subcontractor costs—have been considered. Some businesses aim for a gross margin of 50% or 60%, which might be troublesome. For instance, if the task is labor-intensive, you might be underpricing it. If the job is material-intensive, you might be overpricing it, leading to bids that may be uncompetitive or unprofitable.

For this reason, we favor the multiple overhead recovery strategy when setting prices and controlling margins in the landscaping sector. To ensure that each proposal you submit is competitive and lucrative, a landscape estimate software system enables you to employ markup to recover overhead and margins from calculating the final pricing.

Furthermore, landscape estimation software can assist you in developing precise price estimates for your service bundles. By doing this, you may prevent yourself from underbidding or overbidding on projects, which could negatively affect your profit margins. You may create competitive bids that appeal to potential clients and benefit your organization by producing accurate cost estimates.

Enabling The Work Costing Process In Real-Time.

Many landscaping businesses sell projects without realizing they won’t be profitable until the end of the month or the quarter. To attain the gross margins you’re aiming for, landscape estimating software that enables you to precisely track the performance of the job against the estimate in real-time is essential.

Because their various systems don’t communicate with one another, businesses that don’t have to estimate software with real-time job costing data frequently try to compile this information manually, with owners or managers devoting countless hours to it or hiring part-time or full-time administrative professionals. Even worse, some businesses spend much time and money on it while refusing to believe the data.

Estimating software enables real-time job costing compared to anticipated labor, materials, and other costs. This method guarantees that owners and managers can change their roles as needed, preventing the possibility that they would discover that a project wasn’t profitable until it was too late.

Service Package

Using landscape estimating software, you can design comprehensive service bundles for your customers. These service packages will specify the services you will provide your clients, along with the nature of the task, deadlines, and price ranges.

Having defined service packages can increase your chance of winning bids in various ways. It first enables you to present a better-ordered and professional bid. Doing this can increase potential customers’ faith in your business and their likelihood of choosing it over rivals. Second, having a comprehensive service package enables you to showcase your market knowledge and skills. This can give potential customers more faith in your capacity to do high-caliber work.

Substitute Written Checks

Handwritten bills can be time-consuming to produce, are frequently difficult to read, and frequently contain errors. Contractors may produce digital bills that are simple to understand, accurate, and quick to make by using landscape estimate software. This can help speed up the process, reduce errors, and enhance customer communication.

Moreover, landscape estimating software frequently has options for customizing estimates with details like photographs, descriptions, and prices. This can assist contractors in producing estimates that are more aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking, helping to set their bids apart from those of rivals.

Specialized Design Templates

Basic structures that you can utilize to develop something are called design templates. Websites utilize them frequently but they can also be seen in proposal emails, bids, bills, and other documents.

Think about writing a landscaping service email proposal. You would require more than plain text if you wanted to be noticed. With a custom design template, you wouldn’t have to worry about paying someone to create HTML code; instead, you could choose a template and quickly customize the email to your needs.

With this function, users can pick a template that best suits their requirements and fill in the blanks for the project’s parameters, material costs, and labor expenses.

Contractors and landscaping experts can save time and improve the accuracy of their estimates by employing custom design templates in landscape estimation software. They may concentrate on other facets of their organization, such as marketing and customer service, which may ultimately result in winning more bids if they spend less time producing estimates.

Also, by producing expert-looking estimates that are distinctive to their brand, Custom Design Templates can assist organizations in standing out from their rivals. This can boost your chance of winning the bid by fostering a sense of credibility and trust with potential customers.

Unlocking The Power Of Estimation

Using tools to build estimates quickly is fantastic, but expanding your firm necessitates a thorough evaluation of your performance. Can you, for instance, provide a reason other than the fact that your design was superior or the price was lower when you won a bid? What if you lost to a competitor? Is there a pattern in your estimates making you lose individual bids?

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Landscapers want landscape estimating software with the analytical skills to make the most of the wealth of data at their disposal. For instance, keeping track of the company’s targets for the quantity and quality of leads it generates. This will be useful when you want to expand your company and know how many more leads your marketing campaigns will need to generate to attract more clients.

You can also use the software to examine every salesperson on the team to determine their strengths and areas for development. Discover salesperson tendencies and anticipate salespeople’s problems when closing deals to avoid losing too many.

One of the most underutilized resources available to landscaping businesses is data. You can’t enhance your company’s operations or existing procedures if you can’t examine the data.

Determine Your Sales Funnel’s Best Opportunities

The sales funnel includes estimation as one component. Several steps must be taken to convert a prospective customer into a real, billable customer. This also implies that drop-offs can occur in a variety of locations. Sending estimates to your prospects without having the right follow-up is a missed opportunity. Your landscape estimating software must therefore be able to guide you through the complete funnel from beginning to end as part of an end-to-end procedure.

Many strategies exist for generating leads. For instance, talking to potential customers at a home and garden show, doing an email marketing campaign, or just having them read a sign from a job you just finished.

Those potential customers must be in your landscape estimation program and begin the sales process.

Your sales staff may then decide which opportunities are the greatest from there. Naturally, not all leads and prospects are created equal. Some may desire a free quote or more details. Some might reside elsewhere. Several factors might rule out a prospect, but without visibility into them, you can focus on too many or the incorrect people.

Makes The Process Flexible

One of the main advantages of using landscape estimate software to win more bids is flexibility. This refers to the software’s capacity to adjust to the particular requirements of a project and offer realistic estimates in light of those requirements.

With landscape estimation software, you can quickly change the project’s scope, add or remove components, and alter the design without starting again. By proving your capacity to react rapidly to customer requests, you may easily and quickly revise your estimate to reflect any changes in the project scope, which will help you win more bids.

Moreover, landscape estimating software enables you to modify pricing and consider adjustments in labor or material prices, ensuring that your estimate is precise and competitive. As a result, you may safely submit bids that appropriately reflect the project’s cost without worrying that you will underestimate or overestimate the actual costs.


In conclusion, investing in the best landscape estimating software can positively impact your company, including making it easier for you to win more bids. You can produce thorough and competitive bids that accurately reflect your clients’ demands by using software with flexibility, precise cost calculations, and configurable templates. With the correct landscaping estimate software, you can expedite your bidding procedure, improve efficiency, and eventually win more jobs.

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