Harlene Rosen was Woody Allen’s first wife. Woody Allen is a famous and sometimes bad movie-maker. Many people do not know her. She and Woody Allen did not like each other and stopped being married. Then she went away and no one saw her. Where did she go, and what is she like? This is a short story about a woman whom Woody Allen did not like.

Early Life and Marriage

Born to a Jewish family in New York City, Harlene Rosen was born on November 30, 1938. In addition to her brother and sister, she was raised by Julius and Judith Rosen. Her private life was favored, therefore not much is known about her upbringing or schooling.

When she was 17 and he was 20, they first met Woody Allen. After a roughly three-year courtship, they were wed on March 15, 1956, in a private ceremony. Rosen assisted Allen in pursuing his profession as a budding writer and comic at the time. And in his music ensemble, she was the pianist.

Biography Table 

NameHarlene Rosen
Date of birthNovember 30, 1938
Place of birthNew York City, USA
SpouseWoody Allen (1956-1962)
Notable achievementsSupported Woody Allen’s early career as a comedian and writer; played piano in his music group; sued him for defamation and won a settlement; wrote a message to him on his 80th birthday

Interesting facts

Was called “Quasimodo” and “the Dread Mrs. Allen” by Woody Allen in his jokes; disappeared from the public eye after their divorce; never remarried; maintained a low profile and a mysterious status

Relationship with Woody Allen: From Love to Laughter

In the 1950s, Woody Allen and Harlene Rosen first crossed paths as youngsters. In 1955, Rosen, a sixteen-year-old pianist, proposed to Allen, a nineteen-year-old ambitious comedian, when they were both playing in his jazz band. They married the next year, before Allen became famous, and supported each other through college and career struggles.

Turning point

Their relationship turned sour when Allen began mocking a “generic wife” on stage and on TV, which many people assumed was based on Rosen. He even referred to her as “Quasimodo” in his nightclub act, which led Rosen to sue him for defamation in 1962. They divorced that same year, after six years of marriage.

Rosen’s Response

For many years, Rosen avoided public attention and talked little about her former spouse. In 2015, she broke her silence by writing a loving letter to Allen just before his 80th birthday. That letter was later included in a biography of Allen. She added that they had experienced sorrow, tears, laughter, and love and that she cherished him for his vitality, inventiveness, and charm. She also wished him happiness and peace.

After the Divorce: A Life of Privacy and Mystery

Harlene Rosen’s life after her divorce from Woody Allen was marked by a remarkable level of privacy and mystery. She remained mostly out of the public eye and avoided the media limelight that surrounded Allen’s personal and business lives. She said nothing about the abuse claims that surfaced in the 1990s against Allen and his subsequent unions with Louise Lasser and Soon-Yi Previn.

Ghost status

Rosen, who had a gift for the piano, likewise decided against going into show business or music. She supposedly completed her four years of school after getting divorced, but information on her whereabouts, job, and romantic status following the breakup has not been disclosed. Because they have been unable to find her or get in touch with her, several journalists and biographers have referred to her as a “phantom” and a “ghost”.

Last appearance

Since sending Allen a birthday greeting, Rosen has not been in public or made any official announcements. So, her present whereabouts and status remain unknown. Some others think she could have died, moved overseas, or changed her name. Many speculate that she could have opted for a solitary existence.

Divorce and Lawsuit

However, things took a turn for the worse when Allen started making jokes about his wife in his comedy shows and on television. He referred to her as “Quasimodo” and “the Dread Mrs. Allen”, and mocked her appearance and intelligence. Rosen was hurt and humiliated by his remarks and decided to sue him for defamation. She asked for $1 million in damages, but they eventually settled out of court. Allen agreed to pay her $75 a week in alimony, which could increase to $175 if he had a steady job.

They divorced in 1962, after six years of marriage. Rosen never remarried and stayed away from the media and the spotlight. She did not comment on Allen’s subsequent marriages and scandals and maintained a low profile.

Later Years and Current Status

Harlene Rosen broke her silence only once, in 2015, when she wrote a heartfelt message to Allen on his 80th birthday. She praised his creativity and charisma and reminisced about their young love and music. She also regretted their failed marriage and wished him happiness and peace.

Since then, Rosen has not made any public appearances or statements. Her current whereabouts and status are unknown. She is believed to be living a quiet and peaceful life, away from the fame and drama of her ex-husband.


Harlene Rosen is a woman who has been overshadowed by her famous ex-husband, Woody Allen. She was his first wife, and they had a turbulent marriage that ended in a nasty divorce. Rosen sued Allen for defamation and then disappeared from the public eye. She is a private and mysterious person, who has not revealed much about her life. She is now 85 years old, and may still be living in New York.


1. Who is Harlene Rosen?

She is the first wife of award-winning comedian and filmmaker Woody Allen. They separated in 1962 following their 1956 wedding.

2. Why did she sue Woody Allen?

Harlene sued Woody Allen for defamation because he made jokes about her in his comedy shows and on television. He called her “Quasimodo” and “the Dread Mrs. Allen”, and insulted her appearance and intelligence.

3. Where is Harlene now?

We do not know where Harlene is or how she is doing. She likes to keep her life secret. She has not talked to anyone or shown herself since 2015 when she said something nice to Allen on his birthday.

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