Fashion is one of the most exciting things that you or most other people can get in their life. So, no matter what, you need to go ahead and make sure that there will be some knowledge that you will gather about this industry. If you are looking for some more information on this particular industry, then you also need to know about some of the Fashion icons as well. Georgis Nikolos is one of them, and it will be better if you get to know some factors about this fashion icon.

Who is Georgis Nikolos?

Georgis Nikolos is a fashion icon and really has something great and different to offer. Basically, he is one of those who apply their traditional fashion design to the modern one. This latest name of the Greek-American fashion designer is more famous for his traditional design upbringing. So, it is quite possible that you will be able to expect something extraordinary and different from Greece.

His Fame:

For the first time, he got noticed with his completely different and great designs in 2017. The Summer or Spring collection of that particular year was really something great that he had designed. There was a great usage of traditional tailoring and fabrics with a mixture of the latest trends. More preciously, that was completely inspired by the Allure and Mystery of Greece. So, basically, there are many things to get from his fashion designs.

Work Background of Georgis Nikolos:

In 1990, he made his own fashion and clothing brand in Greece, which was known as AERA. Before that, he studied at the University of Thessaloniki Fashion Institute. He has been migrated from Greece to the USA in 1994 and started his career in the fashion design industry. Once he immigrated, he continued his job and started getting recognition.

Features of His Works:

Georgis Nikolos is one of the most famous fashion designers nowadays with all the clothes and dressed he has designed. Not only these dresses are luxurious and stylish, but he has those that are also great on the runway too. So, this is quite natural that people love to wear those dresses. You can even see some of his works in magazines like “W,” “ELLE,” “Vogue,” and “Glamour.” In fact, you might see his works on some television shows like “The Today Show”, and “Project Runway”. 

How Has Georgis Nikolos got the Fame?

He is not only world’s one of the most popular and leading fashion designers, but you will be able to see all his works in different stores and some great clothing lines. So if you are going to know some great names, then some will be like Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s New York. Also, you will be able to get an electric mixture of contemporary styles with some classic ones. The ways he got success are as follows:

Project Runaway:

After the successful aired of his show “Project Runway,” he didn’t require any factor to look back at all. Everyone praised all the designs of this show, and that was one of the most significant moves on his pathway to success. With that help, he has become the most perfect and influential designer. 

Coming to the USA:

After he migrated to the USA, he settled in Los Angeles and restarted his fashion design career there. 

Lola Madrid:

Georgis Nikolos started working as a professional designer for accessories and customized dresses. For the first time in the USA, he started his own fashion line known as “Lola Madrid” in the year 2006. No doubt, this clothing brand has become a great sensation among all fashion-loving people.

Why is There Such Craze for His Clothe-Line?

  • For the very first instance, all his dresses have been designed and characterized with some great color combinations and patterns. 
  • You will also be able to get some high level of detail in those dresses. This is even quite common and obvious that you will be getting some inspiration from Greek culture and the heritage of that country. 
  • Also, all of his designs are completely timeless and modern too.

These factors give all of his dresses great brand value. Not only that, but you will also be able to get his designed dresses in some fashionable boutiques in New York. Also, he is now collaborating with some other great fashion brands too. So, you can easily rely on some of the great dresses that you will be expecting from Georgis Nikolos. These are some factors that show you the reason to have some craze for his designer dresses.

Differences with Other Designers:

Georgis Nikolos might be a newcomer in the industry, but he really makes all the dresses that are something different. 

  • The usage of colors, patterns, and even the fusion of modern with traditional ones make him very different from all other designers. 
  • Even his own fashion and clothing line is something that people are looking for, all the edgy and perfect fashion sense.

So, if you are looking for some great fashion design ideas and dresses that will have a touch of Greece, then you must go for his design dresses itself. In fact, all the designs of his dresses will have a touch of contemporary. So, it is quite natural that you will start getting eye catchy options from his collections. Besides, you can also customize your dresses with his help and get a unique end product.


You have already got to know about some ideas on Georgis Nikolos. After he moved to the USA, he started his own designs and also now owns an entirely different and distinguished fashion line. Further, if you are a lover of gorgeous Greek culture and heritage, you must try his dresses. It will give you a unique look, and you can easily turn the spotlight on yourself at any public gathering. Thus, as you have got to know about the key factors of his designer dresses, you need to choose the perfect one for you.

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