Has the ability to memorize lengthy sequences of numbers, such as credit card information, phone numbers, or even pi digits, ever piqued your curiosity? You may, however, make your memory stronger and be able to recall numbers more quickly and easily by using this straightforward method. A mnemonic device called the New York Times crossword puzzle is used in the so-called “four digits to memorize NYT method.”

How Does Four Digits To Memorize Nyt Work?

Four Digits To Memorize Nyt method’s concept is to associate each four-digit group of numbers with a word that has four letters. For instance, to memorize the number 1945, you could think of the word “year,” which has four letters and is related to the number. Next, you could use the New York Times crossword puzzle to find a clue that matches the word year. For example, on January 1, 2024, the clue for 1-Across was “Year of the ___ (Chinese zodiac animal)”. The answer is “ox,” which has two letters. Consequently, you could think of the number 1945 as “year-ox!”

You can do the same thing for every group of four digits to help you memorize more. You may use the crossword problem to locate clues that match the terms “year” and “zone,” for instance, if you want to commit the number 19452021 to memory. January 1, 2024, had the clue “Zone out” for 5-Across. The four-letter solution was “daze.” Hence, the number 19452021 can be easily remembered as “year-ox-zone-daze”.

Why Does It Work?

The chunking and association memory approaches are two of the most potent methods used in four digits to memorize nyt method. The technique of chunking involves dividing complicated information into digestible chunks. Numerical data is easier to remember and less mentally taxing when divided into four-digit blocks. Linking new information to preexisting knowledge or imagery is known as association. You make deep connections that aid in your memory recall by linking numbers to words and crossword clues.

What Are the Benefits?

There are various ways in which applying four digits to memorize nyt method might enhance your brain sharpness and recall. A few advantages are as follows:

  1. You may learn numbers more rapidly and accurately for both personal and professional purposes, such as recalling dates, facts, PINs, and passwords.
  2. You can prevent memory loss and cognitive decline as you age by keeping your brain healthy and engaged.
  3. Having fun and pushing yourself might help you feel more confident and positive about yourself.

How to Practice the Method

To practice the four digits to memorize nyt method, you need to have access to the New York Times crossword puzzle and a list of numbers that you want to memorize. You can solve the puzzle using either the paper version or the online version. Although you can take the answers from any other crossword problem with four-letter terms, the NYT puzzle is recommended due to its high quality and extensive availability.

Start by selecting a group of four numbers from your list and coming up with a relevant four-letter word. For instance, you can associate the term “date” with the year of the American Revolution, 1776, if you want to commit the number to memory. Next, search the crossword puzzle for a clue that corresponds to your term. For example, the clue for 6-Down on January 1, 2024, was the “Date night option”. The answer is “film”, which has four letters. So, you can remember the number 1776 as “date-film”.

Repeat the same process for each four-digit group until you have memorized the whole number. To test yourself, try to recall the number by saying the words out loud or writing them down. Next, compare your response to the original number. Make any necessary corrections and give it another go.

You can use four digits to memorize nyt to practice memorizing any number, including pi digits, credit card numbers, phone numbers, and social security numbers. Additionally, you can challenge yourself and change up your practice by using different crossword problems.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you master the four digits to memorize NYT method and improve your memory:

  1. Use words that are easy to recall and have a clear connection to the numbers. Steer clear of terms with several meanings, ambiguities, or complicated meanings.
  2. Make use of terms that suit your interests, activities, and life experiences. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, for instance, you can use the word “wand” to help you recall that the first book was published in 1997.
  3. Make sure your words make sense together or work together to tell a tale. For example, you can utilize the phrases “sail,” “ship,” “land,” and “year,” which are connected to Christopher Columbus’ voyage, to help you memorize the number 14921492.
  4. Make use of words that sound similar or rhyme with one another. To learn the number 20202020, for instance, you can utilize the rhymes “zoo,” “too,” “boo,” and “shoe” to help you remember it.
  5. Make use of words with sensory or visual connotations. For instance, you can utilize the phrases “one,” “sun,” “fun,” and “run,” which elicit a mental image or sensory experience, to help you recall the number 1234.
  6. To help you remember the words and figures, go over them again and again. To increase the effectiveness and enjoyment of your practice, consider using games, quizzes, or flashcards. Another strategy is spaced repetition, which entails going over the material at longer and longer intervals.


The four digits to memorize NYT method is a simple and effective way to improve your memory and recall numbers. To make a lasting association, all you need is a four-letter term and a crossword puzzle from the New York Times. As long as the number has multiples of four digits, you can use this method to memorize any number. 


1. Where is the crossword puzzle from the New York Times?

Online at nytimes.com/crosswords, or in print in the daily newspaper, where you can discover the New York Times puzzle.

2. In what way can I select a term with four letters for every set of four numbers?

When using four digits to memorize nyt method anything with four letters that are simple to remember can be your choice. Also acceptable, as long as they make sense to you, are acronyms, abbreviations, and slang terms.

3. What if my four-letter term isn’t matched by any clues?

Use a synonym, antonym, or homonym instead of a distinct term with the same or a similar meaning. Words that contain your four-letter term or words that rhyme with it can also be used.

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